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  • Putin announces military conscription for 155,000 Russians

    Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on conscription of 155,000 citizens liable for military service. This is reported on the official web portal of legal information of the Russian Federation.

    "To be implemented from April 1 to July 15, 2016, the conscription of Russian citizens between the ages of 18 to 27 years, that are not in reserve and are liable to ... conscription, numbering 155 thousand people," says the statement.

    In the Spring of 2015, 150,000 people were called up for …

  • Rzeczpospolita: Putin's allies have lost billions of dollars due to sanctions

    The publication wrote that Timchenko had lost about four billion dollars and Rotenberg, about three billion.

    During the two years that sanctions have been imposed by the EU and the U.S. against Russia due to the war against Ukraine, friends of President Vladimir Putin have lost billions of dollars.

    Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita reported this issue, adding that Gennady Timchenko, who is “number one” in all the “blacklists” of the West is the most affected by the economic pressure. Before the …

  • Putin backs Kadyrov to stay on as head of Chechnya

    Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree appointing Ramzan Kadyrov as the acting head of the Chechen Republic.

    "On the fifth of April, your term will expire," the head of the state said to Kadyrov. "Based on what has been done in recent years for the Chechens, for the inhabitants of the republic, first of all, and as a derivative for the whole Russia, I have signed a decree today appointing you acting head of the Chechen Republic, with your further success, hopefully, in the elections …

  • Putin advises Russian businessmen to wait to sell their assets in Ukraine

    On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), and later held a meeting with major businessmen behind closed doors. During the public part of the meeting, Putin praised the business leaders for their "mature and responsible" work, and assured them that the government is working on reducing the fiscal burden brought on by the economic crisis. The Russian President also said that he supports “easing the law” for …

  • Poll finds Russians' trust in Putin is decreasing

    Over the past year, the number of Russians that trust President Vladimir Putin has decreased, according to a survey conducted by the Levada Center. According to sociologists, 21% "completely trust" Putin, 52% "somewhat trust", and 14% chose "somewhat not trust". Last year, the corresponding response options chose 26%, 57% and 14% respectively.

    Thus, the index of confidence has decreased by 10% overall. Dozhd reported the results of the survey conducted in March this year.

    When asked, "How …

  • Crimean Tatar leader: Putin visited Crimea to 'reassure' the people

    The head of the Central Election Commission of the Crimean Tatars, Zahir Semdlyaev, believes that the purpose of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to the Crimea on March 18th was to “soothe the Crimean people who live in poor socio-economic conditions.”

    "He arrived to promise, to reassure local residents a little, to say that we must still be patient for about another hundred years, and then everything will be fine for sure. But in any case, they [the officials] are fine now, and about …

  • Putin: Russia can reinforce its positions in Syria within several hours if needed

    Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that, if necessary, Russia is able to reinforce its positions in Syria within several hours, "although this would not be desirable", TASS reports.

    He also reported that the Russian Air Defense System will remain on permanent combat duty in Syria. These forces will be used for any threat posed to the military of the Russian Federation.

    "Our bases in Syria's Tartus and Hamim are reliably protected from land, sea and air. The personnel of these bases will …

  • Kremlin rejects Obama’s call for release of Savchenko

    Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov commented on a telephone conversation between the presidents of the US and Russia, in which Barack Obama urged Vladimir Putin to release Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko, as Interfax reported.

    According to Peskov, Putin rebuffed Obama’s request, saying that he was interfering in the trial.

    “The President [Obama] has been given multiple clarifications on this matter, as have other colleagues abroad on other levels of government, since we are speaking about …

  • Russian State Duma considering draft to 'rigorously punish' those who insult the President

    A bill is currently being drafted in the Russian State Duma "On protection of honor and dignity of the President of Russia". According to Izvestiya, the initiative was taken by LDPR Duma Deputy Roman Khudyakov.

    Today, insults against any Russian official, including the President of the country, are included in the Common Article 319 of the Criminal Code (Insulting the authorities). The article imposes various penalties up to 1 year of correctional labor. The Deputy proposed to elaborate a …

  • US Secretary of State to meet with Putin in Moscow

    US Secretary of State, John Kerry, will visit Moscow next week to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He said this on Tuesday, March 15, 2016, Reuters reported.

    The purpose of his visit will be to discuss further settlements of the conflict in Syria. However, he stressed that the world has received the best opportunity to end the conflict in Syria with the withdrawal of the Russian Forces.

    In turn, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia confirmed the possibility of the US Secretary …