Putin: Joint Sino-Russian exercise is held for 'mastering the skills'

President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the Russian-Chinese military exercise, Naval Interaction 2017, said that Russia and China have not created any military blocs or alliances. He stated this at a press conference following talks with the Finnish leader, Sauli Niinistö.

Putin explained that the military "is simply refining their skills and interaction with each other." According to Putin, this is a good example of cooperation.

According to the Russian President, cooperation between Russia and China, including in the military sphere, is one of the most important elements of security and stability in the world. "At the same time, it is not directed against any other countries," Putin emphasized.

Naval Interaction 2017, the Russian-Chinese military exercise, is taking place in the Baltic from July 24th to 27th. As reported by Interfax, the Russian-Chinese tactical groups of ships that formed in the Baltic Sea began the active phase of the exercises by firing from small anti-aircraft artillery at surface and air targets on July 25th. In addition, the Russian and Chinese military will conduct a training exercise that simulates the inspection of a suspicious vessel and the release of a ship captured by pirates. It is also planned to conduct a search and rescue operation to help a damaged ship and rescue the people in distress.

Earlier, the Strengthening the Border 2017 anti-terrorist exercise with the participation of Russia, China, and Mongolia took place in Transbaikalia. During the exercise, the servicemen completed a simulation on the arrest of a group of conditional militants.

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