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  • Putin's approval rating drops to record low of 25%

    The level of Russians’ trust in President Vladimir Putin fell to 25%, in early April it was 28%, according to results of the survey conducted by Levada Center, a Russian independent, non-governmental polling and sociological research organization. In November 2017, the rating of confidence in the Russian president was at 59%.

    The survey participants were asked to "name 5-6 politicians" whom they "trust the most." A quarter of respondents mentioned Putin, 14% of respondents said that they trust …

  • Russia prepares to test Putin's nuclear torpedo

    The Russian military is preparing to carry out the first launch of the Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle, one of five "super-weapons" announced by President Vladimir Putin in a message to the Federal Assembly in 2018, reports RIA Novosti citing a source in the Russian Defense Industry.

    According to him, the first launch of Poseidon - an unmanned nuclear torpedo, which can silently get to the enemy and hit, for example, aircraft carrying groups and coastal infrastructure - is planned for the …

  • Former head of Russian Chuvashia Republic takes Putin to court

    Former head of Chuvashia Mikhail Ignatieff challenged in the Russian Supreme Court a decree on his dismissal signed by President Vladimir Putin.

    According to the case file, the Supreme Court accepted Ignatieff's complaint on May 21. The former governor is challenging President Vladimir Putin's decree of January 29, 2020 No.68 "On the early termination of the powers of the head of the Chuvashia Republic."

    The President of the Russian Federation is listed as a defendant in the proceedings. …

  • Kremlin: U.S. is trying to destabilize Russia

    The U.S. is trying to destabilize the situation in Russia by spreading misinformation about the situation with COVID-19 pandemic in Russia and Putin’s falling public support, stated the chairman of the Russian State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

    "The purpose of all these planned attacks is obvious - to destroy Russia. We must prevent this from happening," he said.

    Volodin noted that the purpose of the U.S. attacks is to discredit the Russian president, the main institutions of power and key …

  • Putin: Russia possesses weapons that no other country has

    Russia has weapons that "no other country in the world has," Russian President Vladimir Putin said on the TV talk show “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin.", reported Radio Liberty.

    "It would be absolutely impossible. But we did it. Such successes could not have been achieved without fundamental science, scientific schools and engineering personnel," Putin said.

    Earlier, the US and Russian presidents discussed the steps for arms control. Trump then called on the Russian president to prevent a costly arms …

  • Putin: Russia was on the verge of collapse in early 2000s

    In the early 2000s, Russia was on the verge of collapse, and now it is protected from any encroachment from outside, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview on Rossiya-1 channel.

    According to him, 20 years ago "there was every chance that this nefarious plan would have been put in action."

    "It's not just in the Caucasus," Putin explained. "It was in the north, it was in the northwest, it was in the center, it was in the Urals - yes everywhere."

    "In the so-called statutes or …

  • Putin's press secretary tests positive for COVID-19

    The press secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, has contracted COVID-19. He confirmed this information to Interfax news agency.

    "Yes, I'm sick. I'm being treated for it," he said.

    Putin's 52-year-old spokesman is in hospital, but it has not been reported which one.

    Earlier, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin tested positive for COVID-19. He is in self-isolation.

    This diagnosis was also confirmed by the head doctor of the infectious disease hospital which was …

  • Russia tests new hypersonic missile

    Russia has tested a new hypersonic air missile from a Tu-22M3 bomber, reports TASS, citing a source in the Russian defense industry.

    "Recently, tests of a new hypersonic missile have been carried out from the Tu-22M3," the source said.

    According to him, the missile is being developed for the upgraded version of the Tu-22M3M aircraft. He added that work on the new munition began several years ago. The missile tests are to be completed along with work on the upgraded Tu-22M3M bomber.

    The …

  • Head of Levada Center: Russians' patience will only last 2 month

    "The patience of society will last for two months", said the head of the sociological research organization, Levada Center,  and predicted protests due to falling living standards

    By mid-summer, Russians may stage mass protests due to falling living standards, according to Lev Gudkov, head of the Levada Center.

    "I think that the society will have enough patience for another two months. That's for sure. But after two months people will begin to realize that the limit has been reached. Russian …

  • Putin bans Russian military from disclosing their affiliation with Russian Army

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree prohibiting the Russian military from disclosing their affiliation with the Russian army on the Internet or social media.

    The dissemination of such information will henceforth be considered a gross misconduct, TASS reports, citing the presidential decree published on the website of legal information.

    According to the document amending the Disciplinary Charter of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation of 2007, military personnel will …