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  • Zelensky rejects Putin's ceasefire conditions as deceptive ultimatum

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has rejected the conditions set by Russian President Vladimir Putin to cease hostilities and initiate peace talks, describing them as an "ultimatum that cannot be trusted." Zelensky made the comments on Friday, June 14, during an interview with Italian broadcaster Sky TG24 on the sidelines of the G7.

    "These are ultimatum messages that are no different from what we have heard before," Zelensky said, adding that he did not believe Putin would halt the …

  • Putin outlines preconditions for ceasefire: Ukraine's NATO abandonment and territorial concessions

    Russian president Vladimir Putin has declared that negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv aimed at ending the war are contingent on specific conditions. These include Ukraine's withdrawal of troops from the territories of four regions—Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia—parts of which are occupied by Russia.

    In addition, Putin demands that Ukraine abandon its aspirations to join NATO. According to him, the Russian forces will cease fire as soon as Kyiv meets these "requirements".

    “Once …

  • Putin to visit North Korea as Russia seeks more ammunition

    Vladimir Putin is set to visit North Korea and Vietnam in the near future. Reports from Russian media, citing "diplomatic sources," indicate that Putin plans to visit North Korea and Vietnam in June. The Russian ambassador to North Korea, Alexander Matsegora, confirmed that preparations for the visit to Pyongyang are "actively underway."

    As relations with South Korea deteriorate, Pyongyang has aligned itself with countries opposing the US and Western hegemony, as stated by Kim Jong Un. Russia …

  • Putin wears body armor at public appearances amid rising security concerns

    During the parade on Red Square on 9 May this year, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was reportedly wearing a concealed bulletproof vest. According to The Moscow Times, Putin has been wearing body armour under his clothing during outdoor public events since last year.

    An official, who has seen Putin multiple times at public events, said Putin started wearing the body armour in 2023 following recommendations from the Federal Protective Service and the Presidential Security Service.

    "On 9 May …

  • Ukrainian drones target sites near alleged Putin's palace in Gelendzhik

    Overnight, Ukrainian drones targeted sites in the Gelendzhik region of Krasnodar Krai, Russia, according to regional governor Veniamin Kondratyev.

    Kondratyev reported that all UAVs were neutralized by air defense forces.

    "Debris from one drone damaged an unfinished building in the village of Krinitsa. In the town of Dzhanhot, a drone fell into a forested area; the ensuing fire has been extinguished. There are no preliminary reports of casualties. Emergency and special services are currently …

  • Russian ambassador warns Washington: accept peace terms or face further Ukrainian territorial losses

    Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s ambassador to the United States, has warned that Ukraine stands to lose more territory amid current military advancements in the Kharkiv region. He touted these gains as significant achievements for the Russian army.

    Antonov responded to a Reuters report suggesting that the Kremlin might be considering a halt to the war against Ukraine. In an interview with Newsweek, he asserted that Washington would have to "agree to Russia's peace proposals."

    "We view the …

  • Putin accuses Ukraine of provoking Russian troops' advance on Kharkiv, denies plans to capture the city

    Russian president Vladimir Putin has accused Ukraine of provoking the advance of Russian troops in the Kharkiv region. However, he has stated that Russia has no immediate plans to capture Kharkiv.

    "It's ultimately their fault. The authorities in Kyiv came to power through a coup. Furthermore, by allowing this coup, their Western sponsors turned a smouldering conflict into a military one. They're to blame. They're trying to shift the responsibility from their sick head to a healthy one. …

  • Putin and Xi cement strategic alliance amid rising tensions with US

    Russian and Chinese leaders have reaffirmed their shared strategic interests and criticized what they see as the global dominance of the United States. During talks on Thursday, 16 May, the two sides agreed to expand political and economic cooperation.

    Putin is currently on a two-day state visit to China. This marks his first overseas trip since his inauguration for a fifth term as Russia's president. At the outset of his visit, Putin emphasised the "unprecedentedly high level of strategic …

  • Putin reshuffles top Russian defense and security positions, nominates Andrey Belousov as Defense Minister

    Vladimir Putin has submitted to the Federation Council the nomination of Andrey Belousov for the post of Defense Minister, replacing Sergey Shoygu. Prior to this, Belousov served as the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian government.

    Additionally, Putin dismissed Nikolay Patrushev from the role of Secretary of the Security Council, citing his transition to another position. Shoygu will take over Patrushev’s former duties, as reported by TASS.

    Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov …

  • Estonian Defense Chief warns of Putin's intention to invade Baltics

    The threat of a nuclear response or losses will not deter Russian President Vladimir Putin from potentially invading Baltic countries, according to the Chief of Defence of the Estonian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Martin Herem, as reported by Voice of America.

    General Herem stressed the urgent need to strengthen the nation's defenses in case of a possible Russian invasion. He stated that a significant increase in the defense budget is necessary to achieve a decisive victory over any …