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  • Putin: United States is a great country

    During a "Russia Calling!" Forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on Russian-American relations, said that the USA is a great country, and Russia has always treated it with respect, reports Interfax news agency.

    Putin also mentioned that in the two years of Donald Trump's presidency, the trade volume between the United States and Russia increased to $25 billion. "Is it a lot or a little? Our trade with Turkey amounts to $25 billion," said Putin, adding that for an economy like the …

  • Putin: Zelensky is a nice and sincere man

    During the "Russia Calling!" Forum in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky.

    "Do I have any relationship with Zelensky? No! I've never seen him. We don't know each other, and we only talked on the phone. I think he is a nice and sincere man," said Putin, adding that he wants to change the situation for the better.

    In his opinion, Zelensky "wants to change the situation in Ukraine for the better, and real steps have already been made …

  • Ukrainian film director Sentsov: EU could take stronger measures against Putin

    During a press conference in Spain, Ukrainian film director and former political prisoner Oleh Sentsov said that the European Union could take stronger measures against Putin and confront him harder, reports Ukrinform news agency.

    "[European] countries continue to buy Russian gas and oil, and because of that, Putin is still in power and does what he wants," said Sentsov.

    Sentsov is participating in the events organized by the Bureau of the European Parliament in Barcelona. Together with the …

  • Russia threatens Belarus with economic crisis for refusing to integrate

    Refusing to enter into a union with Russia will drive Belarus into an economic crisis, said Konstantin Zatulin, deputy chair of the State Duma committee for the CIS, Eurasian integration and relations with Russian nationals abroad. The Russian politician was commenting on Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s decision not to sign any documents to deepen integration with Russia that might deprive Minsk of its sovereignty.

    Russia wants Belarus to transition to a full-fledged union state …

  • Macron and Putin discuss Donbas 'special status' during phone call

    French President Emmanuel Macron held a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Presidents discussed the situation in Ukraine in advance of the Normandy Four Summit, which is scheduled for December 9 in Paris, reports the Kremlin's press service.

    Macron and Putin noted that "holding such a meeting should contribute to the quick and full implementation of the Minsk agreements."

    "In this context, the importance of Kyiv to fulfill its obligations on the political …

  • Putin: Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republics will respond if Ukrainian Forces move back to the disengagement areas in Donbas

    During a press conference at the BRICS Summit in Brazil, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if Ukrainian Police and the National Guard enter the withdrawal areas, then militants of Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics (DPR and LPR) will respond to these actions.

    Putin welcomed the withdrawal of troops in Zolote and Petrovske areas but stressed that there are "some ambiguities."

    "We see the statements of Ukrainian officials that the Ukrainian police and the National Guard can return …

  • Putin: we have 'full contact' with Zelensky

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he has full contact with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, reports TASS news agency.

    "We are in contact with him [Zelensky], we talk on the phone. We have full contact," said Putin, adding that it is essential to achieve results after negotiations on the Donbas.

    At the same time, the Putin said that he agrees with the position of the former President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev that the solution of problems, including the armed conflict …

  • Putin proposes to use ruble as BRICS currency

    The Russian ruble could be a way for BRICS countries to make reciprocal trade payments, because the macroeconomic situation in Russia is “characterized by stability”, and the national currency can be converted easily to any other global currency, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at a BRICS summit in Brazil on Thursday.

    He believes that national currencies should be actively used to finance projects, instead of traditional reserves.

    “This will help to increase the weight of association …

  • Putin: Russia's ties with China are free from external influence

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow and Beijing have strong ties, which are free from external influence, reports RIA Novosti news agency.

    During a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the BRICS Summit, Putin said that "the ties between Russia and China are strong and stable, they are not influenced from outside and have a very good potential for development."

    According to Putin, Russia and China have a relationship based on friendship, mutual respect, and coordination …

  • Putin: Russian economy has avoided recession

    The Russian government has managed to prevent the economy from slipping into a recession, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at a BRICS summit in Brazil, TASS reports.

    While speaking to participants of a BRICS forum, the Russian leader commented that the global economic situation remains difficult. “The use of unscrupulous competition in global trade has also had an effect: unilateral sanctions, protectionism is rife,” Putin observed.

    “In Russia for many years we have been pursuing a …