• Russian delegation ejected from meeting room ahead of Putin-Kim talks

    A delegation of Russian ministers, who arrived in Pyongyang with president Putin, was asked to leave the negotiation room at the request of a North Korean official. The official was reportedly upset because the Russian president's entourage entered the room before North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, reports The Moscow Times.

    The event was broadcasted live by North Korean media, covering Putin's visit.

    Those forced to leave the room adorned with Russian and North Korean flags included Russian …

  • Russia relocates 80% of troops from Finland border to Ukraine

    Published satellite images reveal empty bases previously hosting Russian military equipment and personnel. Finnish news outlet Yle reports significant movement of Russian forces from the Finland border to Ukraine.

    Finnish intelligence confirms that up to 80% of the troops have relocated. The satellite images, revealed by Finnish journalists, show nearly deserted garrisons and military bases of Russian ground forces near the Finland border.

    Only obsolete equipment remains at some bases, and …

  • Swiss authorities thwart alleged Russian assassination plot ahead of Ukraine Peace Summit

    Swiss special services, prosecutors, and police were intent on detaining a Russian diplomat for allegedly purchasing weapons and preparing an assassination before a Peace Summit.

    Described by local media as the most serious case for Swiss special services in a long time, the incident involved a representative from Russia attempting to buy weapons in preparation for an assassination ahead of the summit.

    According to reports, the diplomat sought not only weapons but also dangerous substances …

  • Putin’s unprecedented security: for the first time, fighter jets escort presidential aircraft on domestic trip

    For the first time, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s aircraft was escorted by fighter jets on domestic trips. Today, on July 18, Putin flew to Yakutia, marking his first visit there in the past decade. During his domestic trip, the aircraft was accompanied by combat jets, reports the Russian opposition news outlet Agentsvo.

    Residents of Yakutia captured the flight of the presidential aircraft on video. According to these recordings, the plane carrying Putin was escorted by at least one …

  • Russia acknowledges downing of A-50 reconnaissance aircraft by Ukrainian Forces on February 23

    Russia has acknowledged that on February 23, its A-50 reconnaissance aircraft was downed by Ukrainian forces. This information came in reports published on Monday, June 17, by the Investigative Committee and Moscow courts of general jurisdiction. These reports included details about the in-absentia arrest of Colonel Mykola Dzaman, commander of the 138th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

    Russian authorities have accused Dzaman of terrorism. According to the …