• Former US Ambassador to Ukraine: Sanctions will make Russia leave Donbas

    Sanctions significantly hurt the economy of the Russian Federation, so they are likely to make Russia leave the Donbas, stated John Herbst, the former US Ambassador to Ukraine in 2003-2006.

    “I think this could eventually happen in 2.5 years, it could happen in 15 years. As part of the package, sanctions will convince Moscow to leave the Donbas. Crimea is another matter. Before this day comes, sanctions are much more important to our interests. Because the Kremlin’s policy is aggressive. Today …

  • US Ambassador to Germany explains why Putin needs Nord Stream 2

    The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project was developed solely in order to create an alternative route for transporting Russian gas to Europe that does not involve Ukraine, US Ambassador to Berlin Richard Grenell told the Rheinische Post in an interview.

    “The problem with Nord Stream 2 is that it is not an economic project. It was developed for only one reason: to create an alternative route for transporting Russian gas on the way to Europe that does not pass through Ukraine. And so the issue is, …

  • Putin replaces Russian ambassador to Central African Republic

    Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree nominating Vladimir Titorenko as a new Russian ambassador in the Central African Republic (CAR).

    The previous ambassador, Sergei Lobanov has been relieved of his responsibilities. Lobanov was the Russian Ambassador in CAR from March 15th, 2011. Before that, he was the deputy director of the security department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He also worked in the Russian embassies in India and Ghana.

    On January 10th, the CAR Minister of …

  • Putin promises to assist Zimbabwe

    Russia is plunging deeper and deeper into the Soviet practice of granting multi-billion dollar assistance to loyal regimes abroad, both near and far.

    After writing off all of Kyrgyzstan and Cuba’s debts, restructuring Venezuela’s debt and forgiving $20 billion worth of African countries’ Soviet debts, the Kremlin is now willing to start assisting Zimbabwe.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his intentions after negotiations with his Zimbabwean colleague Emmerson Mnangagwa, Interfax …

  • US calls on Russia to release Ukrainian sailors

    The United States calls on Russia to release the Ukrainian sailors and not use them in their political game, reads the statement of the US Embassy in Ukraine published on Facebook.

    “Russia must release Ukraine’s sailors immediately, not use them as pawns in their political game,” the statement reads.

    It is noted that for over 50 days, Russia has unjustly detained Ukrainian sailors who were exercising Ukraine’s freedom of navigation in UKraine's territorial waters. The United States is deeply …