• The new Ambassador of Hungary announced his support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine

    Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasyl Bodnar said on Twitter that he received copies of credentials from the new Ambassador of Hungary to Ukraine, István Ijdyarto.

    “Today, I received copies of credentials from the new ambassador of Hungary in Ukraine, István Íjgyártó.

    We have agreed to work on a positive agenda of bilateral relations. Mr. Ambassador is studying Ukrainian, which will undoubtedly help him in his professional activities,” Bodnar wrote.

    The previous Ambassador of …

  • Lithuanian Foreign Minister: Russian missiles are dangerous for Europe

    Russia has been violating the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF) for several years, the Foreign Minister of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius said in an interview with DW on Wednesday, November 14. Although US President Donald Trump announced that he was planning to quit the treaty, it is just an intention and not yet a decision. According to the Lithuanian politician, it is Donald Trump's tactic to exert pressure on Russia.

    Linas Linkevičius said that …

  • U.S. and Poland agree on military cooperation to deter Russia

    The United States Department of Defense reported that the head of the Pentagon, James Mattis, held a meeting with the Polish Defense Minister Marius Blaszczak, during which the parties agreed on cooperation in the defense sphere.

    “Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis met with Polish Defense Minister Marius Blaszczak today at the Pentagon to reaffirm the strong defense relationship between the United States and Poland and continuing commitment to work bilaterally through NATO to deter Russ," …

  • Austrian Chancellor: Espionage scandal will not affect relations between Austria and Russia

    Liga.net reports that the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz stated at a press conference that Austria intends to preserve good relations with Russia, despite the recent espionage scandal.

    “We have a good relationship with Russia, and this will not change in the future,” stated Kurz.

    At the same time, the chancellor stressed that Austria will always “prevent and criticize” espionage attempts.

    Earlier in Austria, a former officer who from the 1990’s had been giving information to Russia …

  • Czech Prime Minister confirms his son's visit to Crimea

    Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis confirmed that last year his son visited annexed Crimea, informs Radio Liberty’s Russian Service.

    According to the local informational website Ceskenoviny.cz, on November 14, the head of the Czech government, while speaking to the journalists in Prague, clarified that Andrej Babis Junior was visiting Ukraine.

    The prime minister said that Babis Junior has some psychiatric problems and criticized journalists for interviewing him. According to the politician, …