• Turkey's Foreign Minister: diplomatic solution necessary as Ukraine and Russia have reached war limits

    Ukraine and the Russia have reached the limits of what they can achieve through war; a diplomatic resolution now might be necessary, said Turkey's Foreign Affairs Minister, Hakan Fidan, as reported by Cafe Siyaset.

    The comments were made during the third Antalya Diplomatic Forum, where pivotal issues were discussed by participants from 148 countries—among them 19 heads of state or government, two leaders of special administrative regions, and 52 foreign ministers.

    One topical focus was …

  • Finland's defense minister calls for increased Western support for Ukraine

    Finland's Defence Minister Antti Kaikkonen from the National Coalition Party has urged the West to bolster its support for Ukraine. He stated that Europe has not fully comprehended the gravity of the war through a historical lens and has not provided Ukraine with sufficient assistance, reports Yle.

    "Funding for military support in Ukraine must be found immediately," Kaikkonen said.

    The Finnish Defence Minister also emphasized the significance of increasing the European Union's own weapons …

  • Estonian Defense Minister predicts difficult period for Ukrainian Armed Forces due to decreased western aid

    Estonia's defense minister, Kusti Salm, has warned that Ukraine is entering a difficult period in the ongoing war, which will require significant efforts. Europe must take responsibility for its own security, ERR cites Kusti Salm as saying.

    Salm believes this period of severe challenges will continue until Western support can help Ukraine achieve a balance in the conflict. He hopes that in the coming months, Europe will allocate resources to purchase long-range weapons for Ukraine.

    "I think …

  • Belgium commits €200 million for urgent ammunition supply to Ukraine

    Belgium has allocated funds for the urgent purchase of 50,000 rounds of ammunition for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, reports the newspaper Le Soir.

    The Belgian government has approved a €200 million provision for munitions to aid Ukraine. The ordinance will be purchased from outside the European Union, whose production capacity is currently limited and unable to meet the needs of the Ukrainian military front.

    Belgium plans to acquire 50,000 NATO-standard 155mm artillery rounds for Ukraine. …

  • Germany in secret talks with India over ammunition supply to Ukraine

    According to Der Spiegel, Germany is engaged in covert negotiations with India to procure "several hundred thousand" artillery shells for Ukraine through intermediaries. 

    According to Der Speigel, an informal group of officers, diplomats, and civil servants from the Chancellery, as well as financial and economic departments, convene in Berlin biweekly.

    They look into which countries might possess ammunition stockpiles and strategies on persuading them. Government insiders indicate that nearly …