Putin signs law on combined forces in Armenia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a federal law ratifying an agreement between Russia and the Republic of Armenia regarding a combined forces group. The relevant document was published on Wednesday on the official legal information portal.

The signed law ratifies an agreement between Russia and Armenia signed in Moscow on 30 November 2016 regarding the combined forces. This agreement determines the designation, the order of formation, deployment and use of the combined forces.

The competent authorities for the implementation of the agreement are the Russian and Armenian Defense Ministries. They will determine the composition of the group. In peacetime, the group will be commanded by the Armed Forces of Armenia with Russia’s consent.

The primary tasks of the combined forces will include: timely identification of direct preparation for an armed attack (aggression) against Russia and Armenia on the region’s borders, and repelling such an attack; covering the land portion of the state border with Russia and Armenia within the established borders of responsibility; participation in the defense of the state border of Russia and Armenia in airspace, as well as involvement in the anti-air defense of forces and objects of critical importance to Russia and Armenia located in the region.

A joint command will be created to manage the combined forces. The agreement will determine the order for appointing a commander, his powers and subordination in peacetime and in wartime, as well as matters relating to the formation of a joint command in periods of direct threats of aggression or in times of combat, and matters relating to the creation of a combined forces management system. The decision to deploy and use the combined forces will be made jointly by the top commanders-in-chief of the Russian and Armenian Armed Forces.

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