Ukrainian film director Sentsov: EU could take stronger measures against Putin

During a press conference in Spain, Ukrainian film director and former political prisoner Oleh Sentsov said that the European Union could take stronger measures against Putin and confront him harder, reports Ukrinform news agency.

"[European] countries continue to buy Russian gas and oil, and because of that, Putin is still in power and does what he wants," said Sentsov.

Sentsov is participating in the events organized by the Bureau of the European Parliament in Barcelona. Together with the Consulate General of Ukraine in Barcelona, a reception in honor of Sentsov was organized for local politicians.

In addition to the series of interviews, during the Human Rights Film Festival in Barcelona, the Ukrainian director will present a documentary film "Process" about his imprisonment in Russia.

According to Sentsov, he carries out public mission to travel around the world and to remind that the war continues and that there are still many prisoners in Russia and the Donbas.

In October, during a speech at the Unity Forum, Oleh Sentsov said that since 2014, there has been an atmosphere of hatred in Ukraine. According to him, today's Ukraine is different from the one that was in 2014, as intolerance and disrespect have increased.

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