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  • More than eighty-three thousand Ukrainians received Russian citizenship in 2018

    Interfax-Ukraine reported, quoting statistics of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, that 83,081 Ukrainians received Russian citizenship in 2018.

    In part, from January to December 83,081 Ukrainians received Russian citizenship. Also, during this period, the Russian authorities approved 64,861 residence permits to Ukrainians (currently 170,638 Ukrainians reside in the Russian Federation).

    In addition, in 2018, 77,075 Ukrainians received permission to temporarily live in Russia (currently …

  • Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs presented 'Donbas de-occupation plan' in US

    Minister of Internal Affairs, Arsen Avakov, announced that the United States Institute of Peace hosted a round table with the participation of authoritative experts, members of parliament, the U.S. State Department, international organizations and representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. 

    According to him, participants discussed the possibilities and risks of the Donbas de-occupation plan and formulated its key points. 

    "The U.S. Institute of Peace has held a round …

  • Volker: Russia has been violating the Minsk Agreements every day for the last four years

    US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker stated on Twitter that Russia has long been violating the Minsk Agreements without cease.

    "Four years ago, Russia signed the Minsk Package of Measures with the first point being a February 14 ceasefire. About a week later Russia and its proxy forces seized Debaltseve,” Volker said. "In the four years since, Russia has continued to violate the Minsk Agreements every day.”

    On February 12, 2015, because of negotiations in Minsk, participants of …

  • Bulgarian parliamentary commission will hold hearings to discuss 2015 Novichok poisoning attempt on Bulgarian businessman

    On Thursday, February 14, the Parliamentary Commission for Control of the Security Services of Bulgaria will gather for hearings regarding the assassination attempt on Bulgarian businessman Emilian Gebrev that occurred nearly four years ago. According to the investigations by The Insider and Bellingcat, in April 2015, Gebrev was poisoned with the Russian nerve agent Novichok or a similar toxin of this group. 

    Investigators noted that Gebrev was poisoned during the same period that a GRU (Main …

  • Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland to allocate $14 million for the Donbas

    The Governments of Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland announced the launch of the project which will provide for $14 million in aid to the Donbas, stated the website of the United Nations Development Program or UNDP. 

    "The conflict in eastern Ukraine, dragging into its fifth year, has had a significant impact on civilians, including over 3,300 men, women and children killed, up to 9,000 injured since 2014, 1.5 million people internally displaced and many others facing the challenges of living in …

  • Yanukovych says he is ready to discuss Ukrainian prisoners exchange with Putin

    During a press conference in Russia, Former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych announced that he is ready to initiate a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the exchange of prisoners according to the “all for all” procedure. 

    “If necessary, if there is such initiative on the Ukrainian side, I am ready to talk with Putin and submit such proposal,” said Yanukovych. 

    According to him, for this to happen he needs some initiative from the President Petro Poroshenko, and the order …

  • European Court of Human Rights to start hearings on Ukraine’s lawsuit against Russia in the end of February

    In 2019, the European Court of Human Rights will consider 5 lawsuits submitted by Ukraine against Russia for "aggression in the Crimea and the Donbas", Ukrainian Minister of Justice Pavlo Petrenko announced. 

    “First hearings on a case of Ukraine against Russia on human rights violations in the Crimea will take place in the ECHR on February 27,” Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko wrote on Facebook. 

    According to Rozenko, the claims about human rights violations in the Crimea, …

  • Media: Russian combat drones used in Donbas war built with German parts

    The German edition Bild reports that Russia, in spite of the European Union sanctions, continues to buy German propellers for its unmanned aerial vehicles Granat-1, Granat-2, Granat-3, Takhion, ZALA-42104M, Pear, Orlan -2 ".

    According to journalists, this involves propellers manufactured by two companies in Germany: Graupner / SJ GmbH and aero-naut Modellbau GmbH & Co. KG.

    “Pro-Russian forces already used the drone Granat-2 with folding propellers in the spring of 2015, in the battle of the …

  • Azov Battalion returns to the forefront in the Donbas

    The special detachment of the Ukrainian National Guard, Azov has returned to the demarcation line in the Donbas to carry out military tasks, the unit’s press service reported.

    “Behind us are more than three years of grueling training, dozens of missions and large-scale exercises, liberation of the cities and settlements. We are confident that the most remarkable battles of the Azov lie ahead,” the statement reads.

    The Azov press service states that servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine …

  • UN denies involvement in new Donbas peace plan proposed by OSCE special representative Martin Sajdik

    The UN has no involvement in the new plan on settling the situation in Donbas, relayed by OSCE Special Representative Martin Sajdik, said the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Ukraine, Osnat Lubrani, as reported by UNIAN.

    She emphasized that the UN supports proposals aimed at achieving peace in Donbas.

    “Foremost we support the Minsk agreements and negotiations that are ongoing, the efforts of the “Normandy format,” the Tripartite Contact Group and the OSCE in Ukraine,” said Lubrani.

    According …