Ukrainian film director Sentsov says he hasn't noticed significant changes in Ukraine after his release from Russia

Director Oleg Sentsov, who was released from Russian captivity, wrote on his Facebook page that, while he was in prison, not so many changes took place in Ukraine as he expected.

"A week has passed since my release. It was interesting to see what changes have happened to the country and people because I feel like as a person who arrived on a time machine from 2014," wrote Sentsov.

Ukrainian Director also added that a week is quite a short time, but he managed to visit a lot of places and communicate with many people. In his opinion, Ukraine has not changed so much over the past five years, as he expected.

"Everyone is at war with others. It's all very sad. How can we conflict with each other if there is Putin? But I still do not lose hope for the best," added Sentsov.

  Sentsov, Ukraine