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  • Journalist: Ukraine lost 40% of its ammunition during recent depo explosions

    Ukraine has lost about forty percent of its entire arsenal of ammunition because of warehouse explosions over the past year and a half. In his article for Dzerkalo Tyzhnia, Ukrainian journalist Yury Butusov writes that more than 210,000 tons of ammunition were destroyed, from pistol ammo to the OTR-21 Tochka ballistic missiles during recent explosions at the storage facilities in Ichnia.

    For comparison, Butusov notes that during the five years of war in the Donbas, the Armed Forces of Ukraine …

  • Chairman of Ukrainian Parliament: raising gas prices unavoidable

    Verkhovna Rada Chairman Andriy Parubiy said in a statement on the Ukrainian parliament’s official website that raising the gas prices is an “unavoidable decision” which is “necessary to prevent an economic crisis in Ukraine”.

    Parubiy said that the decision “is not and cannot be popular”, but that statist government leaders knowingly accept losses to their own popularity when this is necessary.

    “One of our country’s great problems is that the populists of the past led Ukraine into extremely …

  • Ukrainian Army adopts the new Vilkha missile system

    The Vilkha missile system has been introduced to the Ukrainian army and its industrial production will start soon, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine wrote on Facebook.

    The new system was developed by Luch, the state design bureau in Kyiv. Experts say that supplies for the troops will start in mid-2019. The Cabinet of Ministers stressed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine “will strengthen its defense capabilities and will be able to effectively combat against the aggressor in the east of the …

  • US Secretary of State supports the Ukrainian Orthodox Church’s pursuit of autocephaly

    The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that Washington supports “Ukrainians’ rights to pray the way they want to” and called on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and government officials to actively promote these values of “tolerance, restraint, and understanding,” according to his statement published on the State Department’s website on October 19.

    "The United States reiterates its strong support for religious freedom and the freedom of members of religious groups, including Ukraine’s …

  • Kyiv: Fewer foreign ships enter Crimean ports

    The Ukrainian Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons reports that the number of foreign ships entering the ports of the annexed Crimea has decreased since the beginning of this year.

    “A total of 1207 cargo ships and tankers entered the ports and coastal areas of the occupied Crimea from August 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018,” said the ministry, adding that this refers to vessels equipped with automatic identification systems.

    According to the report, 98 …

  • LPR threatens to shoot down Ukrainian aicraft near the contact line in Donbas

    A representative of the Defense Department of the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR), Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Marochko said that LPR militants would shoot down Ukrainian military aircraft if Ukrainian Armed Forces use them near the contact line in the Donbas, reports  Luginform news outlet.

    “The use of combat aircraft is a gross violation of the agreements reached in Minsk,” he said. According to Marochko, Luhansk has the right to shoot down air targets, which fly into the 30- …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister proposes reburying Stepan Bandera in Ukraine

    A Pantheon of heroes should be made in Ukraine and the ashes of the OUN leader Stepan Bandera reburied there, stated the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pavlo Klimkin after the meeting of the Ukrainian government.

    “I believe that we need this from a respect standpoint to our heroes and with the point of view that it will cultivate feeling and understating of one’s own history. This will require the necessary decisions, but I do not see any problems in arranging a Pantheon,” Klimkin said. …

  • Ukraine sends another ship to the Sea of Azov

    The BG-32 Donbas, a Mariupol maritime guard patrol boat returned to service in the Azov Sea after undergoing planned repairs and modernization of separate systems, the press service of the Ukrainian State Border Service reports.

    The 36-year-old vessel got its engines, fuel and ballast tanks and some operational systems modernized at the Azov shipyard. Her hull also received a new paint job.

    On September 6th, at a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC), a decision was made  …

  • Ukraine confiscates Crimean fishing vessel Nord

    The Prosecutor's office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, in accordance with a court decision, handed over the vessel Nord to the National Agency of Ukraine for finding, tracing and management of assets derived from corruption and other crimes (ARMA). According to the prosecutor's office press service, the decision was made in order to preserve budget funds spent on the detained vessel’s maintenance in the Berdyansk port area.

    The Prosecutor’s office noted that on October 4, the Kyiv Court …

  • OSCE: military actions in the Donbas could be halted in as little as one hour

    The First Deputy Chief Monitor of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, Alexander Hug stated in an interview with Voice of America that military actions in the Donbas can be stopped within one hour but that it would take much more time to fully complete the conflict.

    According to him, after military actions are stopped, other issues of the conflict, including demining of territories or restoration of the economy in Donbas, will have to be solved. Hug noted that the ceasefire has been …