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  • NATO exercises in Georgia end

    Military exercises with the participation of NATO countries were completed in Georgia. Over 1,200 servicemen including dozens of soldiers and officers from the United States, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Latvia and Turkey took part in the Agile Spirit 2016 exercises that were conducted beginning on September 1st at the Orfolo range in southern Georgia, near the Turkish border.

    Aircraft and artillery were actively used. The exercises were carried out in two phases: rifle training on the Orfolo …

  • Russia scrambled more than 20 fighters in Crimea

    Air force units from the Southern Military District of Russia are training to repel a massive raid of imaginary enemies as part of the Caucasus-2016 exercises, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported Thursday.

    "As part of the Caucasus-2016 exercises more than 20 fighter planes of the Southern Military District (SMD) were scrambled in 10 minutes to repel a massive air attack by the imaginary enemy. The crews of Su-30SM, Su-30M2 and Su-27SM3 fighter planes of the 4th Army Air …

  • Ukrainian Intelligence: Russian army is conducting exercises in the Donbas

    The large-scale military exercises that have recently been conducted by the Russian army are also taking place in the occupied Donbas.

    This was stated in a report from the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

    According to the report, command-staff exercises of the 1st (Donetsk) and 2nd (Luhansk) Army Corps (AC) of the Center of the Territorial Forces (Novocherkassk) of the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation continue on the Perevalskiy and …

  • Russian Su-27s train to intercept aircraft over Crimea

    According to the Russian Defense Ministry's press service, Russian fighter jets in the Crimean air space are training to intercept enemy aircraft.

    "A pair of Su-27 combat aircraft on duty from the South Military District scrambled within three minutes from an airfield based in the Crimea and hit all of their air targets as a part of the Strategic Command and Staff Exercise Caucasus-2016," the message says.

    The Ministry added that their enemy aircraft were simulated by three Tu-95MS missile …

  • Ukrainian MFA: Russia's Caucasus 2016 exercises increase military threat to Ukraine

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine issued a comment in connection with the Caucasus 2016 Russian military exercise.

    "Ukraine is deeply concerned about the Caucasus 2016 drills which are to be held on the occupied territories and on the Ukrainian border. The large-scale build-up of interspecific troops grouping in the occupied territories and on the border of Ukraine, bringing them to their highest combat readiness indicates the growth of a direct threat of war to Ukraine", the …

  • Russia's Black Sea Fleet participates in Caucasus 2016 exercises

    The Russian Ministry of Defense reported on September 6 that warships from the Russian Black Sea Fleet were brought to the test ranges for the Caucasus 2016 drills. Frigates, small-size missile ships and missile boats were involved in the strategic command-staff drills, Krym.Realii reported.

    “The knowledge and practical skills of the commanders of navigation combat units, as well as navigation and maneuvering skills of battle watch officers during fulfillment of dispersal tasks in marine areas …

  • Ukrainian Intelligence: The purpose of Russia's Caucasus 2016 military exercises is to legalize the annexation of Crimea

    According to estimates by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the holding of the Caucasus 2016 military drills has a number of political purposes of internal and external nature, including an attempt to legalize the Russian status of the annexed Crimea, as stated by a representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Vadim Skibitskiy.

    “The first purpose of these military drills is to distract citizens’ …

  • Ukrainian Intelligence: Russia's Caucasus 2016 military exercise involves more troops than Moscow is claiming

    The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine claims that the scale of the Caucasus-2016 exercise is much bigger than reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

    "The real scale of the exercise is considerably bigger than the Russian Federation declares. Russia officially announced that 12 thousand soldiers, 90 tanks, 300 combat vehicles, up to 20 helicopters and up to 15 warships will participate in the exercise. However, today there are no international mechanisms …

  • NATO's Agile Spirit 2016 military exercises begin in Georgia

    NATO’s multinational military exercises, Agile Spirit, are being held in Georgia, which includes command and staff exercises as well as field exercises. Besides the Georgian and U.S. military, this year’s Agile Spirit is also attended by representatives from Turkey, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania and Latvia. The goal of the exercise is to improve the interaction of the Georgian military with colleagues from the United States and partner countries, to ensure support of the security in the region and …

  • Russia's Caucasus 2016 military exercises begin

    Russia’s Caucasus 2016 military exercises have begun, involving the entire Southern Military District, the Crimea, and the Black Sea and Caspian fleets, Reuters reported. A total of 12,500 troops are expected to take part.

    Last week, Russia conducted a series of combat readiness checks in the lead up to the exercises.

    The Russian Defense Ministry said Caucasus 2016 is the last major military exercise of the year. It is scheduled to end on September 10th.

    An unspecified number of aircraft, …