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  • Security Service of Ukraine cautioned Savchenko against publicly disclosing information about POWs

    The Security Service of Ukraine cautioned the People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Nadiya Savchenko, against public disclosure of the list of prisoners and missing people in the Donbas due to potential harm it may cause

    “Of course, we are aware of the lists. We work with these lists. I can only say that there are certain laws that restrict the release of any information related to personal data. In 2014-2015, we used to catch rogues who received classified information about our heroes, hostages who …

  • SBU wants to ban the French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen from entering Ukraine

    The leader of the French far-right presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen, said that the annexation of the Crimea by Russia "was not illegal since the people voted to join Russia in the referendum."

    As UNIAN reported, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) sent a letter to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry requesting that the presidential candidate of the French far-right party, Marine Le Pen, be banned from entering the country, due to her statements about Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

    "On …

  • SBU chief: It would be easier to handle the conflict in the Donbas if martial law were imposed

    The Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Vasyl Hrytsak, stated in an interview with Ukraine TV Channel 112, that it would be easier for Ukraine to handle the conflict in the Donbas if martial law was imposed.

    “On the one hand, we have an ongoing war in eastern Ukraine. De jure, this war is called an ATO (anti-terrorist operation), but this is a war because even now heavy artillery is used without regard to the Minsk Agreements and people are dying. De facto, Ukrainian society and the …

  • The State Security Service of Ukraine: Russia distributed special equipment for wiretapping in Ukraine

    The SBU has revealed a large sales network in the Odessa region of special technical information – GPS-trackers with integrated ultrasensitive microphones, as reported by the press service of the agency.

    "The devices were made by a Russian company which closely cooperates with the Russian Federal Security Service and were ordered by one of the Ukrainian leading market players in GPS devices. Russians, with the help of certain design features and special software, have the ability to activate …

  • SBU: Russian security forces attempt to recruit Ukrainian servicemen

    Russian Security Forces tried to massively recruit Ukrainian servicemen, mostly representatives of naval forces who were in the Crimea before the occupation, as was stated at a briefing by the Chief of Staff of the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Oleksandr Tkachuk.

    According to him, this information is the result of the military counterintelligence operation that has lasted since 2014. He added that “dirty techniques” were used for recruitment.

    "People are detained, are taken away to …

  • Lysenko: FSB is 'juggling with facts' to accuse former Crimean servicemen of espionage

    The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has been juggling the facts in order to accuse former servicemen in the annexed Crimea of espionage or subversive-investigative activities on behalf of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, as stated by a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the ATO, Andriy Lysenko, to Krym.Realii on November 24th.

    "As we had predicted, the Russian FSB is using the databases and personnel files of former servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the …

  • SBU: Russia is attempting to destabilize the situation in Ukraine

    Russian security services are trying to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, creating so-called pseudo-territorial communities, as reported by Colonel Stepan Greschuk, the head of the Main Directorate of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) for the Kyiv region, in an interview with the newspaper, Segodnya.

    Greschuk noted that the establishment of these sort of communities has nothing to do with the laws of Ukraine on local self-government or on the distribution of powers between central and …

  • Russia accuses Ukrainian Security Service of kidnapping of two Russian soldiers in the Crimea

    Interfax has reported that the Russian Defense Ministry has accused the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) of illegally detaining two Russian servicemen, and then transporting them out of the Crimea.

    “At approximately 1pm on the 20th of November, employees of the SBU illegally detained two Russian soldiers, warrant officer Maxim Odintsov and junior sergeant of contract service Alexander Baranov, and transported them out of the Crimea to the Mykolaiv region,” the Russian agency said.

    The …

  • Security Service of Ukraine says it thwarted a terrorist attack in Mariupol

    The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) reported on May 8th that they found a secret location in Mariupol stocked with ammunition which may have been intended for use in a terrorist attack in the city during Victory Day celebrations, as indicated in a statement on the agency’s website.

    According to SSU, law enforcement authorities found 80 kilograms of gunpowder, 600 grams of trotyl, as well as grenades, grenade launchers and nearly 2,500 cartridges of various caliber ammunition at a frozen …

  • Ukrainian SBU prevents cyber attack

    The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) prevented an attempt to damage the computer networks of Ukranian power distribution companies.

    According to the Press Center of the SBU, malicious software was detected in the networks of some regional power distribution companies.  The virus attack was accompanied by a flood of continuous calls to the support services of the regional power distribution companies.

    It is reported that the malicious software is localized.  Urgent investigative actions are …