Media: Putin's advisor Surkov arrives in Luhansk

Ukrainian intelligence has no information about the trip of Putin's Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, to Luhansk. However, there is information about the arrival of an adviser to Vladimir Putin,Vladislav Surkov, as reported by Ukrainskaya Pravda  with reference to sources in intelligence.

"According to our information, Surkov arrived in the occupied territories on March 28," the interlocutor clarified. "We do not have information about Peskov's arrival."

In turn, the representative of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), Yuri Tandit, in a commentary on also did not confirm information about the arrival of Peskov.

"Officially, the SBU does not comment on this information; we are checking," he said.

Earlier, the Ukrainian news site Ostrov reported, citing a source in the Ukrainian intelligence service that Putin's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov had arrived in Luhansk. According to one version, he arrived to change the "leadership" of the self-proclaimed LPR.

Peskov himself spoke at a traditional briefing in Moscow and called information about his visit to Luhansk another "stunt."

"I am calling straight from Luhansk right now. Joke. No, this is another publicity stunt; do not pay attention to it.” Peskov said. “And let the SBU work, let it check, this is their work ... As for Surkov, too, let them also check. Ukrainian taxpayers pay money – small amounts, for they earn little money - pay money, so that the SBU can be engaged in serious business, so let the SBU deal with this. "

Earlier, Ukrainian intelligence and the Security Service of Ukraine repeatedly reported the arrival of Vladislav Surkov to the Donbas. It is believed that he oversees issues of the separatist-held territories for the Kremlin.

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