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  • Ukrainian military command: 6,000 Russian troops are stationed in the Donbas

    Russian military personnel, including the leadership of the army continue to travel to the separatist-held territories of the Donbas. There are currently about six thousand Russian servicemen in the Donbas, said the speaker of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Vladyslav Seleznyov, in an interview with Radio Liberty.

    "Up to 6,000 Russian servicemen are located in the temporarily occupied territory of the Donbas and up to 40,000 Russian militants, as well as local misfits who …

  • Media: More than 36,000 Russian mercenaries stationed in the Donbas

    There are constantly 36,000 Russian mercenaries in the Donbas on a rotational basis, with weapons and equipment. Of them, 2900 are regular soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces (RAF),Ukrayinska Pravda reported with reference to the Crisis Media Center.

    As of July 2017, in Eastern Ukraine there were soldiers of the 331st Guards Airborne Regiment, the 20th Motor Rifle Brigade (Volgograd), and the 7th Air Assault Brigade from Novorossiysk in Krasnodar Krai.

    Lyubov Tsybulskaya, advisor to General …

  • Ukraine submitted materials on Ilovaisk battle to International Criminal Court in the Hague

    Ukraine sent a case file on the mass shooting of Ukrainian military in Ilovaisk to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Hague, as reported by the press service of the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine.

    “The Chief Military Prosecutor's Office transmitted the information about the evidence collected regarding war crimes (including the treacherous killing of Ukrainian military in the Ilovaisk area) to the Office of the ICC Prosecutor to resolve the issue of opening a criminal proceeding, …

  • Ukrainian military command: 40,000 Russian soldiers and mercenaries are stationed in Donbas

    As many as 40,000 Russian military personnel and mercenaries recruited by them oppose the Ukrainian army in Eastern Ukraine, stated Viktor Muzhenko, Chief of the General Staff and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in an interview with

    “The total number [of militants in the Donbas] which we identify at present is between 39 and 40 thousand. This is the total military group,” he said.

    Muzhenko clarified that these were regular Russian military personnel as well as …

  • Security Service of Ukraine detains separatist military official

    For years the counterintelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has been monitoring Sergey Semenchenko, leader of the missile and artillery weaponry service of one of the LPR (Luhansk People’s Republic) battalions. A citizen of Ukraine and resident of Luhansk, Semenchenko was involved in the distribution of ammunition for nearly two years, but later left the separatist-controlled territory for family reasons. According to TSN TV program, he is already in a pre-trial detention center …

  • Mother of the Russian soldier detained in the Donbas went to visit Ukrainian President’s office

    Russian military contractor Viktor Ageyev’s mother, Svetlana and their lawyer visited the Administration of the President of Ukraine. Afterwards, they went to the Russian Embassy in Kyiv, as reported by Ageyev’s lawyer, Viktor Chevguz to Hromadske radio.

    "The conversation was mainly about legal issues," Chevguz noted. When asked whether the diplomats promised to help, he replied that they said, "This is our duty. Yes, we addressed it. They refused to meet us at first..."

    The lawyer clarified …

  • Herashchenko: During Normandy Four meeting, it will not be easy for Putin to deny the presence of Russian troops in the Donbas

    A Skype conference for the contact group on the release of hostages, as well as all other groups of the Tripartite Contact Group (TCG) on the settlement of the situation in the Donbas, will largely depend on the results of a telephone conversation between the leaders of the Normandy Four, says Ukraine's representative in the humanitarian subgroup of the TCG, Iryna Herashchenko.

    "Tomorrow will be the first telephone conversations for the Normandy Format in a long time, and the first including …

  • Mother of Russian military detainee in Ukraine asks Poroshenko to pardon her son

    According to Svetlana Ageyeva, the mother of the Russian soldier detained in the Donbass, "it will be a great life lesson for [her son]" if Poroshenko pardons him. Ageyev's mother also said in her video message to Poroshenko that she did not know how her son was in the Donbas. According to Ageyeva, only contract service was discussed with the family.

    "I myself am still in the dark; I still cannot understand how it happened….who influenced my child so much, that he found himself in those places …

  • Stoltenberg urges Russian Federation to withdraw troops from Ukraine

    At a joint press briefing with President Petro Poroshenko, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has called on Russia to withdraw troops from the territory of Ukraine and stop supporting militants.

    "We discussed the situation in the East of Ukraine. Further conflict will takes people's lives. More than ten thousand people have been killed during the fighting, including nearly three thousand civilians. It is clear that the ceasefire is not holding, and we are concerned by increasing threats …

  • Russian detained by Ukrainian military during battle in Donbas confirms that he is on contract with Russian Army

    Viktor Ageyev, who has been captured in Donbass, confirmed that he was sent to the east of Ukraine after signing a contract for service in the Armed Forces of Russia, TSN reports.

    “I am a serviceman, part 65246 (located in the city of Novocherkassk, the communications regiment and the training center of the Russian Aerospace Forces - Ed.),” Ageyev said.

    He also confirmed that in March 2017 he came to the Rostov region and signed a contract for service in the Armed Forces of the Russian …