Polish Interior Minister urges NATO and EU to reach a unified decision on Huawei

The Polish Interior Minister, Joachim Brudziński called on the European Union and NATO to work towards a common position on whether the Chinese corporation Huawei should be excluded from their markets, RMF FM reports. 

Brudziński made the statement after a Chinese citizen, a worker of the local Huawei department was arrested on charges of espionage. However, the representative of Polish Special Services announced that the charges were not directly related to Huawei. 

"NATO has also concerns regarding Huawei. It would be appropriate to have a common position among the NATO and EU member countries,” Brudziński said. "We want relations with China to be good, intensive and attractive for both parties.” 

On Sunday, Government Plenipotentiary for Cybersecurity Karol Okoński told Reuters that dramatic changes in policy regarding Huawei are not guaranteed after the arrest, but the use of the company's products by public servants can be reconsidered. 

The Deputy Director of the Foreign Ministry Information Department of the People's Republic of China, Hua Chunying responded to comments at a briefing in Beijing, stating that China hopes that Poland will work on the establishment of mutual trust and maintain relations. 

Hua said that "certain people" seek to use unfounded accusations of security threats to "suppress and limit the development of Chinese technology companies abroad." Huawei fired the arrested employee to dissociate themselves from scandal. 

Some nations including the USA, Australia, Great Britain and Japan imposed significant restrictions on Huawei and ZTE because of concerns regarding the national security. The governments of these countries are primarily concerned about the role of Chinese companies in building 5G networks. Huawei products are allegedly "back doors" that give Chinese Special services access to encrypted data of these devices. 

The European Commission is convinced that Chinese companies produce chips that can be used for "obtaining our secrets."

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