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  • Kazakhstan raises the price for Russian oil transit to China

    Kazakhstan has increased the cost of oil transportation from Russian through Kazakhstan to China by a third, reported with reference to the press service of the KazTransOil JSC.

    “By the order of the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan approved the cost of transportation of oil amounting to 10 million tons per year along the Russian border - the border of Kazakhstan (Priirtyshsk) – Atasu (Kazakhstan) - Alashankou (China) route. The transportation of one …

  • China rejects transition to settlements in national currency with Russia

    The redirection of Russia’s economic policy to the East, announced after the annexation of Crimea and the sharp deterioration of relations with the West, has ended up as a wake-up call. 

    The attempt to get China involved in de-dollarization and to formalize the transition to reciprocal trade in national currencies has not been successful. 

    China refused to sign the intergovernmental agreement to settle in national currencies that was drafted in 2014 and already considered a “done deal” by …

  • US may impose new sanctions on Russia for attempting to influence US voters 

    Foreigners were unable to interfere with the counting of votes during Congress’s interim elections, but several countries did conduct cyber operations against the US ahead of the elections. 

    According to a report published by US National Intelligence on December 21, these countries were Russia, China and Iran, which attempted to influence voters’ opinions by spreading misinformation on popular social networks. 

    US National Intelligence Director Dan Coats said that these campaigns were …

  • Media: Russia is trying to include China in the negotiations on Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

    Russia has asked China to take part in negotiations on Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, reported Nikkei, citing sources familiar with the situation.

    According to the news agency, the proposal was given in October, and “apparently, Beijing did not reject this idea.”

    A source close to the Russian government told the agency that Russian president Vladimir Putin might have touched on the topic of inviting China to the negotiations in a short conversation with US President Donald Trump in …

  • China wants to buy Siberian river water from Russia

    China is hoping to solve its water deficit in a number of regions with Russia’s help. The Chinese Association for Exchanges and Collaboration between Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and China has already sent the corresponding letter to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

    One of the options proposed by China is an intergovernmental project to divert water from Russia’s Altai Krai to western China through Kazakhstan. The construction of the water pipeline would cost an estimated $80 …

  • China refuses to invest in Russian economy

    Russia’s attempt to shift its economic policy towards the East following the annexation of Crimea and the start of western sanctions has hit a dead end, reports

    Despite numerous appeals by Russia’s leaders, Chinese companies refuse to invest in Russian real ecomony, and are following the example set by western businesses, and withdrawing their money.

    Between January and June, the total volume of direct foreign investments from China into Russia dropped by 24%, the Central Bank of …

  • Ukrainian journalist reveals how many combat drones Ukraine is buying from Turkey

    Ukraine will be purchasing six combat drones from Turkey, and 200 missiles for them, journalist Yuriy Butusov reported on Facebook.

    “Also in the deal are two control stations, a set of spare parts, service support, and personnel training. The cost of the contract is $69 million,” he writes.

    The journalist believes that acquiring the drones will be beneficial for Ukraine.

    “I understand the criticism, but nevertheless, I think that buying the Bayraktars is extremely beneficial for Ukraine at …

  • Kremlin: Russia and China may establish cross-border payment system in national currencies

    Russia and China can create cross-border payment systems using national currency, according to the First Deputy Head of the Russian Government, Executive Office Sergei Prihodko, TASS reports. According to Prihodko, after the American sanctions, “new mechanisms for conducting reciprocal payment are needed.”

    “We believe that shifting to payments in national currencies will significantly reduce sanctions risks and dependence of bilateral trade on the US dollar, to avoid exchange rate fluctuations …

  • Chinese banks are closing Russian business accounts

    Chinese banks have begun purging themselves of Russian clients, closing company accounts left right and center, blocking payments, and refusing to process even the most simple operations, such as currency conversion, Skymax managing partner Igor Shibanov told RIA Novosti.

    According to Shibanov, who works both in mainland China and in Hong Kong, the problems began roughly one and a half years ago. Initially, companies that were placed on the US and EU sanctions lists were at risk, but now the …

  • Media: Chinese banks refuse to serve Russians because of sanctions risk

    Russians are facing difficulties working with Chinese banks because of sanctions risks, the newspaper Kommersant reported, referring to the record of the meeting of the Sub-Commission on Cooperation in Financial Fields between Russia and China where this problem was discussed.

    According to the newspaper, the meeting took place on September 27 to 28 in Shenzhen. The parties discussed “barriers that prevent making interbank payments and opening correspondent accounts.” Moscow persistently raised …