• Russia test-fires two ballistic missiles

    On Saturday, August 24, Russia launched ballistic missiles Sineva and Bulava, reports the Russian Defense Ministry.

    It is noted that the launch of the missiles was made from strategic submarines Tula and Yury Dolgorukiy in the polar region of the Arctic Ocean and from the Barents Sea.

    According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the tests were carried out for educational purposes by the military form Chizha base in the Arkhangelsk region and Kura in Kamchatka. The missiles completed the flight …

  • Erdogan complains to Putin about Assad

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that the fighting in Idlib threatens Turkey's national security, reports Anadolu News Agency.

    The Turkish president noted that the escalation of the conflict in Idlib also undermines the possibility of a peaceful settlement. In his opinion, the actions of Assad’s army lead to a humanitarian disaster. Erdogan and Putin also discussed the Russian-Turkish relations and the situation in Libya.

    Earlier, it became known …

  • Putin orders to prepare symmetrical response to the US missile tests

    Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with permanent members of the Russian Security Council ordered "to take comprehensive measures to prepare a symmetrical response" to the test of the US cruise missile.

    Commenting on the US test of the Tomahawk type missile, Putin noted that the United States made a gross violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF). In his opinion, the Americans "orchestrated a propaganda campaign" around Russia's non-compliance with the …

  • International experts: Russia conceals true scale of missile explosion near Severodvinsk

    After the explosions at the military test site near Severodvinsk, "several control stations of the international nuclear test monitoring system located in Russia, stopped working." This suggests that the Russian authorities are hiding the true scale of the incident, writes Deutsche Welle with reference to the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO).

    Experts note that there are seven radiation monitoring stations in Russia operating under contract with the CTBTO. After the …

  • Russia admits: Superweapons not combat ready

    A revision of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) that takes into account all of Russia’s prospective weapons is not possible, because several prototypes are not yet combat ready, Dmitry Novikov, First Deputy Chairperson of the State Duma International Affairs Committee, told Russian RT news agency.

    “Russia has a number of developments, but, as a rule, there is quite a long period of time between the development of a new kind of weapon and when is placed on combat duty. And in …