• Russia prevents separatist commander Khodakovsky from entering DPR

    Former Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Security Minister Alexander Khodakovsky reported on his Telegram channel, that Russian border guards refused him to return to DPR.

    “I should explain why I will not be able to participate in the elections. Last night, when I was coming home from Russia, Russian border guards at the Uspensky border crossing, simply but in polite manner explained to me that they would not let me out and that I should come back to the Russian Federation,” he wrote.

    At the …

  • European Court of Human Rights finds Russia guilty of violating human rights in Transnistria

    The European Court of Human Rights has found Russia guilty of violating human rights in Transnistria, obliging the Russian authorities to pay two families from the region compensation of 75 thousand euros, reports Ukrinform with reference to the Moldovan human rights organization Promo-LEX.

    "The court ordered Russia to pay 50 thousand euros to the mother of Alexander Stomati, a serviceman who was forced to join the armed forces of unrecognized Transnistria and subsequently died under unclear …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister warns of Russian hybrid threat in Transcarpathia

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin stated in an interview with Radio NV that Transcarpathia is a high-risk region in terms of hybrid threats from neighboring countries. “I believe that Transcarpathia is a high-risk region in terms of hybrid methods. We must invest in it [to counter hybrid threats], otherwise we will create a situation that will cost us more,” said Klimkin.

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasized that it was necessary to resolutely develop the appropriate policy for …

  • Russia accuses the US of undermining global stability

    Kremlin stated that the additional anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the US undermine international stability.

    “It would be good if they remembered the notion of global stability, which they are thoughtlessly undermining by forcing tension in Russian-American relations,” stated the Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov. “Playing with fire is stupid because it can become dangerous.”

    Meanwhile, the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday urged the US to lift the sanctions against the Chinese armed …

  • Israel: downing of IL-20 which resulted in death of 15 Russians was caused by 'indiscriminate firing' by the Syrian air defense

    On September 20, Israeli Defense Forces delegation led by Air Force Commander Major-General Amikam Norkin arrived in Moscow with a report regarding the Russian Il-20 crash in Syria.

    According to ‘The Times of Israel’, after Moscow’s accusations, the Israeli government made "full-scale diplomatic efforts" to resolve the situation fearing to lose close cooperation with the Russian military in Syria. In particular, Israel took unusual actions by openly acknowledging the fact of carrying out the …