• Ukraine prepares memorandum against Russia for violating the Law of the Sea

    Ukraine is preparing to file a memorandum with the UN International Tribunal on Russia's violation of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

    Ukrayinska Pravda reports that Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin shared this information with journalists.

    "Since Russia has violated all its obligations, in particular under the Convention on the Law of the Sea, it should not only bear responsibility for this, it should pay for it," the Foreign Minister said.

    He added that “all the …

  • The US expresses concern about the new Russian cruise missiles

    The commander of the United States Northern Command And North American Aerospace Defense Command, General Lori Robinson spoke to the United States Senate Armed Services Committee about her "concern" over the potential of the newly developed Russian cruise missiles. The text and video of her speech are published on the website of the Committee.

    Speaking about possible events that may affect the mission of US defense, the general noted that Russia and China "have expanded their military presence. …

  • Kremlin to reinforce 58th Army in southern Russia

    The Russian Ministry of Defense has begun to reorganize the primary strike force in the south of Russia, the 58th Army. Two new motorized rifle divisions will be created at the army’s base by the end of the year. This was reported by Izvestiya, citing a source in the Defense Ministry.

    The new divisions will be created on the basis of the existing 19th and 136th Separate Motor Rifle Brigades through the addition of new battalions and regiments.

    The 19th Krasnoznamensk Voronezh-Shumlensk Motor …

  • Russia sends first batch of T-90 tanks to Iraq

    The first batch of Russian T-90 tanks and armored transports has already been sent to Iraq. This was announced by Hakim al-Zamili, head of Iraq’s parliamentary defense committee, as reported by RIA Novosti.

    According to al-Zamili, a batch of nine tanks is en route and will soon arrive in Iraq. They were dispatched from Russia on February 15. He added that the shipment of tanks will lead to “a strategic change in Iraq’s military infrastructure” since Iraq will have modern equipment which it can …

  • Russia conducts tests of Tor Arctic missile system

    A video of tests of the Arctic Tor-M2DT short-range missile system has been published on the YouTube-channel of RT (Russia Today) news agency.

    According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the tests that were conducted at the Kapustin Yar test site in the Astrakhan region were successful. The consecutive firing of missiles at two targets proved the accuracy of the system.

    The Tor-M2DT system is especially designed to be used for Arctic region based on the chassis of the DT-30PM tracked all- …