• Russian Almaz-Antey corporation is developing anti-satellite electronic warfare systems

    On April 24, RIA Novosti reported that the state-owned Aerospace Defense company Almaz-Antey has been tasked by the Russian leadership to develop new electronic warfare complexes that are capable of neutralizing enemy satellites, General Designer Pavel Sozinov said in an interview with the National Defense magazine.

    "In accordance with the instructions of the country's leadership, we are conducting a research to solve the problem of counteracting space-based equipment. This concerns the …

  • Human rights activist: At least 1,500 Russian soldiers have died in the Donbas

    At least 1,500 Russian soldiers were killed and about 5,000 more were injured in the Ukrainian Donbas during Russia’s aggression in the region, according to Valentina Melnikova, a human rights activist and leader of the Union of the Committees of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia.

    "We believe that Russia’s losses in Ukraine make up at least half of the Ukrainian army’s losses... A minimum of 1,500 Russian soldiers were killed. That means that almost 5,000 more were wounded, and maybe even more... I …

  • Russian diplomat designated one of the priority topics of the first meeting between Putin and Trump

    At their first meeting, the presidents of the United States and Russia will discuss "the full range of bilateral issues and the issues of the international agenda." This was reported by Kommersant newspaper, citing Andrey Krutskikh, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation on Issues of International Cooperation in the Field of Information Security.

    "The topic of stability, trust and security in cyberspace may become one of the priorities," said Krutskikh.

    According to …

  • Russian fleet to receive first stealth submarine with Kalibr cruise missiles in 2018

    Next year the Russian Navy will receive the first multipurpose nuclear submarine of project 971 after it has been upgraded with a Kalibr cruise missile system. This was reported by the newspaper Izvestiya with reference to Evgeniy Gladyshev, representative of the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center.

    Leopard, the first upgraded vessel of project 971M, will be received by the Navy in 2018. With their technical and military characteristics, the modernized vessels will meet the fleet requirements for a …

  • Estonian Defense Minister: Russian forces may remain in Belarus after Zapad-2017 military exercises

    Estonian Defense Minister Margus Tsahkna believes that Russian forces may remain in Belarus after September’s “Zapad 2017” exercises.

    According to Tsahkna, Estonia and other NATO countries possess intelligence data according to which the Russian forces may remain in Belarus after completing the exercises. He added that more than 4000 train cars will be used to transport troops and equipment from Russia to Belarus, which also indicates the possibility of a military base being deployed.

    “For …