• Russia,Turkey and Iran to decide the fate of Idlib at the summit in Astana

    The presidents of Turkey, Iran and Russia will meet in Ankara on Monday as part of the Astana process, with the three countries holding regular meetings in an attempt to resolve the Syrian conflict, reports the Voice of America.

    The fate of the last rebel stronghold in Idlib is expected to be the main topic.

    As Syrian government forces advance on Idlib, Ankara warns of a looming humanitarian catastrophe.

    In recent weeks, Syrian regime forces have been mercilessly attacking rebel positions in …

  • Head of Donetsk People's Republic: integration with Russia is a priority

    The chairman of the self-proclaimed  Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), Denis Pushilin, said that republic considers integration with Russia as its primary goal.

    "We have only one task - maximum integration of DPR into the Russian Federation. The perfect scenario would be to become a part of Russia as a federal district. And the people from the Donbas show so much patience about this," said Pushilin.

    According to him, residents of the Donbas "are optimistic" about the signing of the decree on …

  • Russia: The risk of unintentional nuclear war is real

    The collapse of the Russian-American nuclear arms control system makes nuclear war a real threat, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov on Thursday.

    The Russian politician asserts that it is exclusively western countries that are to blame for breaching the bilateral nuclear arms reduction treaties and creating the threat of an exchange of nuclear attacks. The West’s policy of “scrapping” the mechanisms that were developed over decades is “deliberate”, he says.

    “The negative …

  • Russian press: Su-57’s flaws make it useless

    Although Russia’s Su-57 fifth-generation fighters are competitively priced, neither China nor Iran are interested in them, and not even Turkey, which recently expressed admiration of the Su-57, writes the Russian news agency Svobodnaya Pressa (Free Press). According to the columnists, the primary reason for this aversion is the fighter’s large number of shortcomings.

    Development of the Su-57 began well over ten years ago, and the fighters have been showcased and tested, and even begun serial …

  • Russia asks Interpol for alleged CIA spy Smolenkov’s whereabouts in US

    The Russian Foreign Ministry has contacted Interpol in connection with former Russian presidential administration employee Oleg Smolenkov showing up in the US. Recently there have been reports in the media that the former Russian diplomat was actually a CIA agent who was exfiltrated to the US for his own safety. In Russia, he was considered missing.

    “A Russian citizen disappeared in a foreign country along with his family. On this matter, as far as we know, a criminal case was immediately …