• Washington: Russia will not be able to complete Nord Stream 2

    Russia will not be able to complete the Nord Stream 2 pipeline on its own because it lacks the necessary technology. There will be a "long delay" in construction due to US sanctions, despite the assurances of Russian President Vladimir Putin that the gas pipeline will be completed in a few months, said the U.S. Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, February 15.

    "They can't," Brouillette said when asked.

    The U.S. Energy Secretary also denied reports …

  • Lukashenko refuses to ‘kneel before Putin every New Year’s Eve’

    Belarus will continue to diversify oil purchases from other countries even if it costs more than buying Russian oil, said Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting with the staff of the Svetlogorsk Pulp and Board Plant.

    The Belarusian President explained that he was ready to pay more "so that, every year on December 31, not to kneel" before Putin.

    "It shouldn't be like this, and it won't be," he said.

    The Belarusian president also spoke about the pressure of Putin, who wants the …

  • Russia accuses Turkey of providing American-made weapons for militants in Syria

    Turkey is moving personnel, weapons and military equipment to the de-escalation zone in the Syrian province of Idlib, much of which goes to militants from the Jabhat al-Nusra group, Russian media reported citing military and diplomatic sources in the Kremlin.

    "The American MANPADS, which the militants did not have before, fell into the hands of terrorists thanks to Turkish supplies," the Russian news agency TASS quoted one of the sources as saying.

    Russia believes that the use of these …

  • Russian ambassador to Turkey says he is threatened because of Idlib situation

    Russian Ambassador to Turkey Alexey Yerkhov said that he has started receiving threats amid the deterioration of the situation in Idlib, Syria.

    “I have been receiving direct threats,” he told Sputnik-Turkey in an interview.

    According to the diplomat, anti-Russian comments have started appearing in the Turkish segment of social media. “There’s escalation in Syria. Agreed: these are very painful developments and troubling days… But look at the terrible madness on social networks,” he remarked. …

  • Kyiv to count population in Donbas and Crimea using satellite images

    Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers is investigating the possibility of conducting a census of the population in the Donbas and Crimea using satellite images, Dmytro Dubilet, Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers, told Ukrainian Radio.

    He said that he has already met with UN representatives who will assist with the satellite imagery project, which is very challenging.

    “A similar project was carried out in Afghanistan, where a significant portion of the territory is not controlled by the government. …