• Belarus says dozens of Ukraine-trained militants were arrested, Kyiv demands proof

    On March 21, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that “several dozen militants” were arrested. He claims that they were trained in Ukraine. “We have already arrested several dozen, who have trained in camps with weapons. Incidentally, one of the camps was in the Babruysk and Asipovichy region. The rest of the camps were in Ukraine, in my opinion, in Lithuania or in Poland – I won’t make any claims, but somewhere there. Money came through Poland and Lithuania to us. At this hour we …

  • Polish Defense Minister accuses Tusk of making a deal with Putin

    Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz has accused the former Prime Minister of Poland and current President of the European Council Donald Tusk of making an “illegal deal” with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as reported by Polskie Radio.

    According to Macierewicz, Tusk deliberately did not order an investigation into the plane crash near Smolensk because he had made an agreement about it with Russia.

    “Premier Donald Tusk made an illegal deal with Vladimir Putin at the expense of Poland, …

  • Media: At least 27 German banks laundered money from the Russian Federation

    No fewer than 27 German banks received money that Russian cybercriminals laundered in Europe from 2010 to 2014. The accounts of German credit institutions received a total of 66.5 million dollars.

    This has been reported by the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ), which participated in an international investigation of the scheme code-named “The Global Laundromat”.

    As the newspaper notes, in all cases the money transfers came from the Moldovan Moldindconbank or the Latvian Trasta Komercbanka. …

  • Witness in Montenegro coup case says former Russian diplomat was main revolt organizer

    Aleksandar Sindjelic, one of the defendants in the case investigating the attempted coup in Montenegro in October last year, said that he was recruited by Eduard Shishmakov (Shirokov), former Russian diplomat and agent of the Russian GRU, the Vijesti news site reported.

    According to Sindjelic, Eduard “Eddy” Shishmakov organized a group of 500 people who were supposed to bring about a coup d’état, arresting and killing Prime Minister Milo Ðukanović on voting day during the parliamentary …

  • PACE President Agramunt brought a delegation from the Russian State Duma to Syria

    A delegation of deputies from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) and the State Duma of Russia headed by PACE President Pedro Agramunt arrived in Syria, despite the fact that Agramunt was not authorized to carry out such a visit by the Assembly or its bodies.

    This was reported by Russian "Channel One".

    According to the Russian channel, deputies from the Czech Republic, Belgium, Serbia and Italy, as well as deputies of the State Duma of Russia, arrived with Agramunt in …