• Poland to allocate $550 for creation of cyber troops

    The Polish Ministry of Defense will allocate 2 billion zloty (more than $ 550 million) to create defenses against cyber threats, as stated during the cybersecurity forum, Cybersec 2017, on Monday in Kraków, by the Minister of National Defense of Poland, Antoni Macierewicz, Ukrinform reported.

    "We are aware of how significant Poland's responsibility is, given our key role on NATO's eastern flank. Therefore, the decision that we want to implement in the coming years is the creation of cyber …

  • American Patriot anti-missile systems stationed in Poland will also protect Lithuanian skies

    Patriot anti-missile defense complexes that Poland plans to buy in the US will also protect Lithuanian airspace, as stated by the head of the Defense Committee of the Polish Sejm , Michael Jach, reports Delfi news agency. During the official visit to Lithuania, Jach stated that Lithuania faces the same threats as Poland.

    "The Patriot system should be the way; it could be integrated with neighboring countries," he added.

    There are currently no long-range missile defense systems in Poland and …

  • Latvia receives 65 combat reconnaissance armored vehicles from Britain

    The Latvian National Armed Forces (NAF) received 65 out of 123 caterpillar combat reconnaissance armored cars from the UK. This was accomplished as part of a military equipment purchase agreement made between the two countries in 2014, as reported by Baltnews citing the press service of Latvian Ministry of Defense.

    The project to mechanize the land forces of the Latvian Army is divided into several phases and stages. The acquisition of 123 armored vehicles is stipulated as part of this project. …

  • Hungary invites Russia to join in putting pressure on Kyiv over Ukrainian Education Law

    Deputy Head of the Committee on International Affairs of the Parliament of Hungary Márton Gyöngyösi called on Moscow and Budapest to join forces to put joint pressure on Ukraine because of the education law that was passed, which allegedly infringes on the rights of national minorities, as reported by RIA Novosti.

    Gyöngyösi also invited other countries of the region, the natives of whom live in Ukraine, to unite.  

    “We have tried to influence the situation as much as possible, but so far, it …

  • Kaczynski: Poland is actively analyzing the possibility of German reparations for World War II

    Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of the Polish ruling party “Law and Justice” said that the potential Polish initiative on demanding reparations from Germany for World War II is being intensely analyzed, as reported by Polskie Radio.

    When asked whether Law and Justice aims to start negotiations with the German government on reparations, Kaczyński said that the party "does not rule out such an option," however he added that "there is another possibility… this can be done through American courts." …