• Russian oligarchs hire US lobbyists to protect themselves from sanctions

    Russian billionaires Alexander Skorobogatko and Alexander Ponomarenko have hired professional lobbyists in the US after they were included in the US Department of Treasury’s “Kremlin list” this past January. A corresponding notice from the lobby firm Qorvis MSLGROUP appeared last week in a special US Senate database.

    The services that the company will provide to the Russian businessmen are rather abstract: "business interests [on behalf of Skorobogatko and Ponomarenko] and relations with the …

  • Kyiv: 25 Italian citizens fought against Ukraine in the Donbas

    The Verkhovna Rada has prepared a list of 25 Italian citizens who fought against Ukraine in the Donbas, stated an MP of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction, Andriy Antonischak in comments to Ukrainian news outlet LB.ua.

    "A group of MPs sent an enquiry to the Military Prosecutor's offices and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). We received a list with data including mobile phone numbers of 25 Italians, who have been taking part in the war against our state in the Donbas," he said, showing the …

  • Russia to analyze undetonated US missiles found in Syria to improve own systems

    Russian specialists are studying two cruise missiles which failed to detonate during the missile strike on Syria on April 14,RIA Novosti reported with reference to Viktor Murakhovsky, a member of the expert council of the Military and Industrial Commission.

    According to Murakhovsky, specialists will be able to learn about the latest developments in the missiles, and improve the Russian anti-missile defense and electronic warfare systems accordingly.

    “These findings could be very helpful for …

  • Pentagon: Russian air defense systems in Syria 'absolutely ineffective'

    At a press briefing, Pentagon spokesperson Dana White said that she considers the Russian-made air defense systems that Damascus used to respond to the West's attack on Syria to be "absolutely ineffective". She also said that the missiles used by Washington and its allies appear to have hit all targets.

     White also accused Moscow of allegedly presenting false information. "Following our operations, Russia falsely claimed Syria air defenses shot down a significant number of missiles, when in …

  • Russian Foreign Ministry: Direct flights between Russia and US may cease

    Russia and the US may no longer have direct air traffic, due to the difficulties encountered by Aeroflot crews in acquiring American visas, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported.

    According to the Ministry, the situation for issuing American visas in Russia is “extremely frustrating”.

    “The official waiting time for a visa interview, which Washington increased to 85 days in August 2017, has recently increased to 250 days, which is eight months. In other words, it is becoming pointless to apply …