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  • Ukrainian Parliament amends the Constitution to reflect Ukraine’s determination to join the EU and NATO

    The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine sent draft bill Number 9037 to the Constitutional Court on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine regarding the country’s strategic course to acquire full-fledged membership in the European Union and NATO. 321 People’s Deputies voted for this decision, which was a first step towards amending the Constitution.

    According to the proposed amendments, the Verkhovna Rada’s powers will include "the implementation of the strategic course of the state to acquire full- …

  • Finnish president: Finland not ready to join NATO yet because of Russia's position

    At this stage, Finland does not consider the prospect of joining the North Atlantic alliance, President Sauli Niinisto said in an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. According to him, Moscow "made it clear" that if Finland joins NATO, it will "see it as an enemy."

    "The Russians made it clear that when they look at us across the border, they see Finnish people." If we join NATO, they will see us as enemies. That is their position, "explained Niinisto. He added that joining the …

  • Stoltenberg promises that Georgia will become a NATO member

    After the meeting with the U.S. national security adviser, John Bolton, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg assured that NATO will continue to support Georgia’s and Ukraine’s efforts to join the Alliance, reports Voice of America.

    "Georgia will become a NATO member," said Stoltenberg during the speech at the Heritage Foundation research centre.

    The Secretary General also said that the Alliance does not intend to retreat because of the pressure from Russia.

    "For us, there is no …

  • US Secretary of Defense concerned about Russia’s possible interference in the referendum in Macedonia

    US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis stated on September 11 that he will visit Macedonia on the eve of the Referendum on changing the name of the country that will take place on September 30. Mattis expressed his fears regarding possible interference from Moscow in the voting process in Macedonia.

    In June, the Macedonian government agreed with Greek authorities to change its name to North Macedonia. The change of the country's name will allow Greece to not oppose the neighboring country’s joining …

  • Kremlin: Putin has no plans to visit Vostok 2018 military exercises with other leaders

    Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to have no intention of inviting other world leaders to join him in attending  the Vostok 2018 military exercises. His press secretary Dmitry Peskov said there are no plans “[to invite other leaders to visit the exercises] together with the President of Russia,” Interfax reports. Peskov added that does not know if the leaders of other countries will attend the exercises separately.

    The Vostok 2018 exercises will be held in Siberia and in the Far East …

  • Russian submarine approaches Latvian border

    A Russian submarine came close to Latvia’s borders on September 11, the Latvian National Armed Forces posted on Twitter.

    According to the tweet, the Russian Navy’s Dmitrov submarine (NATO classification: “Kilo”) was spotted three nautical miles outside of Latvia’s territorial waters.

    At the start of May, the Russian Navy’s SB-121 and Kashtan ships were spotted 12 nautical miles from Latvia’s territorial waters. A large project 775 landing ship (NATO classification: Ropucha) was also seen six …

  • President Poroshenko refuses to predict the onset of peace in Ukraine

    In an interview with the SK1 TV channel, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that he does not want to make predictions about when the peace will come to the country’s territory since it would be dishonest towards Ukrainian citizens.

    "I will not promise at what hour. It is not fair. I will not be a supporter of populists who try to deceive people. I call for responsible discussion and a great responsibility for the fate of the state, for its future, " he responded to the question of when, …

  • Ukraine to take part in NATO military exercises Agile Spirit 2018 held in Georgia

    Ukrainian soldiers will take part in the exercises Agile Spirit 2018 which has begun in Georgia, reported by the press service of the Georgian Defense Ministry.

    237 servicemen from the United States, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Greece, Turkey, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Georgia, and Ukraine take part in these exercises.

    NATO countries and partners of the Alliance, as well as US Marine Corps, participate in the drills which will be held at the Georgian military base Senaki and led by the …

  • NATO to help Ukraine in mine clearance of the Donbas

    The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is preparing to sign the Agreement between NATO and the Ukrainian Government on the creation of the NATO Trust Fund on explosive ordnance disposal and countering improvised explosive devices. The Cabinet of Ministers has already agreed to the project.

    "Yesterday, we decided on Ukraine’s signing the Agreement. We have only to sign it with NATO,” Maxim Komissarov, the head of the Department of Ecological Safety and Mine Action of the Ministry of Defense of …

  • NATO confirms buildup of Russian warships near Syria

    NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu confirmed that Russia is amassing warships off the coast of Syria.

    “The Russian Navy has dispatched substantial naval forces to the Mediterranean, including several ships equipped with modern cruise missiles,” she said.

    On Tuesday, the Russian media reported on Moscow’s largest amassing of naval forces since the start of the Syrian conflict in 2015.

    The reinforcements coincide with a statement by Moscow’s ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, that …