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  • Ukrainian President Poroshenko promises that Ukraine will join NATO

    Ukraine will definitely become a member of NATO and, perhaps, will even be able to offer its representative to the post of Secretary General, as stated by the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, at a meeting with the students of the Ivan Bohun Military High School.

    In addressing the students, he expressed confidence that future officers, generals, ambassadors, ministers and, possibly, the future president are standing in front of him.

    "And perhaps even a NATO Secretary General, because …

  • USA: Number of troops participating in Zapad-2017 military exercises was more than declared by Russia

    Washington is not afraid of a possible build-up of the Russian military presence at the borders of NATO countries after the Zapad 2017 exercises, as indicated by the Permanent Representative of the United States to NATO, Kay Bailey Hutchison, in response to questions from The Washington Post.

    "I cannot say for sure, but our people have been closely watching and they have no fears," the diplomat said. She added that the exercises were a "big show." "We watched it as much as we could," …

  • Russia: increasing cooperation between Georgia and NATO is a threat to security in the region

    Russia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia consider Tbilisi’s continuing cooperation with NATO to be “a real threat” to regional security in Transcaucasia, as stated on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

    Concerns among the delegations were caused by military exercises of NATO member countries in the territory of Georgia in the summer and autumn of 2017. “A record number of servicemen and heavy equipment was involved. The emissaries of individual NATO states who were present at the exercises …

  • Ukrainian MP: NATO launches preparation process for Ukraine's accession to the Alliance

    The NATO Parliamentary Assembly has adopted a resolution that de jure provides Ukraine with grounds for searching for an algorithm to prepare for joining the North Atlantic Alliance, wrote Ukrainian MP Iryna Friz (Petro Poroshenko Bloc) on her Facebook page. Friz heads the permanent delegation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

    According to Friz, the resolution "Strengthening Stability and Security in the Black Sea region", taking into account an amendment by …

  • Montenegrin soldiers to join NATO battalion group in Poland

    The authorities of Montenegro want Montenegrin soldiers to join the NATO battalion battle group in Poland, as stated by the Polish Minister of Defense, Antoni Macierewicz after a meeting with his Montenegrin counterpart Predrag Bošković, Radio Poland reported.

    "On the eastern flank of NATO every soldier is worth his weight in gold. We are grateful to Montenegro for the succession of actions. I was glad to receive the news that Montenegro will send its soldiers to Poland. The opportunity to …

  • Muzhenko: Nine Ukrainian battalions are now compatible with NATO

    At the moment, nine Ukrainian battalions are already compatible with NATO troops, said the chief of the General Staff, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Victor Muzhenko.

    "Preparation of battalions is going on with the help of foreign specialists, which began in 2015. There are instructors and military personnel from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland in Ukraine today. We have reached the appropriate compatibility at least in nine …

  • Sibul-2017 joint military exercises begin in Estonia

    In Estonia, military exercises, named Sibul 2017 ("Onion 2017") and organized by the volunteer military organization Kaitseliit (Estonian Defense League), were launched on Saturday.

    The maneuvers are being held at the Central Range of the Defense Force near the town of Tapa, in conjunction with the NATO combat group deployed in Estonia. In the classroom, combat skills will be developed with regard to conventional warfare.

    According to the exercise scenario, the combat and rear companies of …

  • Media: Russia-NATO Council frozen until the end of the year

    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization has frozen the NATO-Russia Council until the end of the year, reports the newspaper Izvestia, citing Russian diplomatic sources.

    It is noted that the pretext for such a step was the Russian-Belarusian Zapad-2017 exercises, which took place from September 14-20 at a training area in Belarus, as well as in the Kaliningrad, Leningrad, and Peskov oblasts in the Russian Federation.

    “The Russia-NATO Council will be frozen until the end of this year, at the …

  • NATO: Suspicions about Russia’s Zapad-2017 exercises were justified, the scale of the drills was much bigger than declared

    NATO is confident that its suspicions concerning the Zapad 2017 Russian-Belarusian exercises were justified. "It will take several weeks for a full assessment, but it is already clear that the scale and the geographic coverage of the Zapad 2017 exercise turned out to be substantially larger than those declared initially by Moscow and Minsk," as relayed by NATO spokeswoman, Oana Lungescu, to Süddeutsche Zeitung on Thursday, September 21st.

    According to her, these maneuvers were held not only in …

  • Large-scale multinational Dragon-2017 military exercises begin in Poland

    The large-scale Dragon-17 military exercises, in which more than 17 thousand servicemen from Poland, NATO countries, and other countries are taking part, began in Poland, Radio Poland reported.

    According to the Deputy Minister of Defense of Poland Michael Dvorchik, the purpose of the exercises is to work on joint actions of Polish and foreign troops in a threatening situation.

    “The scenario assumes that a neighboring country intends to gain access to resources in the territory of our country. …