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  • Baltic states and Poland push for 'Azov sanctions package' against Russia

    The Baltic states and Poland are advocating that new sanctions be imposed on Russia in connection with its capturing of Ukrainian sailors near the Kerch Strait, said Estonian Foreign Minister Sven Mikser, as reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

    “Estonia’s position is that the countermeasures, the sanctions on Russia in connection with the situation in the east of the country and the illegal annexation of Crimea, must be maintained until the inflicted damage has been compensated, until Russia returns …

  • Polish Interior Minister urges NATO and EU to reach a unified decision on Huawei

    The Polish Interior Minister, Joachim Brudziński called on the European Union and NATO to work towards a common position on whether the Chinese corporation Huawei should be excluded from their markets, RMF FM reports. 

    Brudziński made the statement after a Chinese citizen, a worker of the local Huawei department was arrested on charges of espionage. However, the representative of Polish Special Services announced that the charges were not directly related to Huawei. 

    "NATO has also concerns …

  • Poland plans to build an island in the Baltic Sea

    Poland plans to build an artificial island with an area of more than 18 hectares in the Vistula Lagoon also known as Kaliningrad Gulf, Polish newspaper Onet reported with a reference to the government tender documents.

    The island will be built in Poland's territorial waters in the Vistula Lagoon in Poland. The island will be made from the soil that will be extracted during the construction of the navigable channel going through the Vistula Spit (Baltiyskaya Kosa).

    According to the proposed …

  • Tehran threatens Poland with diplomatic consequences for 'anti-Iranian conference'

    Iran is intensifying its diplomatic pressure on Poland in connection with an international conference in Warsaw on the future of the Near East and security policy in the region. On Sunday, January 13, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif called the conference a “circus” and an “expression of political confusion”.

    “This conference is a hostile initiative of the US, directed against Iran, and Tehran expects Poland to refuse to hold this event,” DPA cites Zarif as saying.

    Otherwise, Zarif …

  • Ukraine and Poland to jointly develop anti-air missile system

    The Polish company WB Electronics and the Ukrainian state-owned defense industrial group, Ukroboronprom, are planning to jointly develop a new intermediate-range anti-air defense system, said WB Electronics representative Roman Mushal, as quoted by Defence-Blog. 

    The prospective system is a mobile, intermediate-range surface-to-air system based on the Ukrainian-made R-27 air-to-air missiles. According to Mushal, the engine, fuel and homing heads have already been created. Production is …

  • Polish Foreign Minister: Nord Stream 2 is killing Ukraine

    Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz criticized the Russian-German gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 in an interview with the German publication Handelsblatt. He said the project threatens the security of Ukraine and indicates Germany’s anti-European position.

    “The gas pipeline effectively neutralizes the sanctions and Nord Stream 2 is killing Ukraine. When the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine is stopped, this country will lose not only impressive profits but above all a guarantee of …

  • Polish Orthodox Church refuses to recognize Ukrainian Orthodox Church

    Metropolitan Sawa of Warsaw and all Poland has sent a letter to Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople informing him that the Polish Orthodox Church (POC) does not recognize the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), the canonical UOC website reports.

    In the letter, the head of the POC reminds Patriarch Bartholomew that, according to church laws, “divisive church groups” can only be returned to the Church’s bosom through their own repentance. Similarly, the ban on serving, such as that placed on …

  • Media: Poland is concerned by the outflow of Ukrainian migrant workers 

    About 500,000 Ukrainian migrant workers could migrate from Poland to Germany, negatively affecting the country’s economy, the Polish Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers told the newspaper Die Welt on Sunday, December 23. About two million Ukrainians live in Poland; most of them are migrant workers. 

    "According to a moderate scenario that we consider realistic, five hundred thousand Ukrainians will leave the Polish market. The worst-case scenario suggests that there will be twice as many,” …

  • Polish deputy foreign minister to become new ambassador to Ukraine 

    Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Bartosz Cichocki is to become his country’s new ambassador to Ukraine, Polish President Andrej Duda announced, as cited by Wpolityce. 

    “The proposal is for Cichocki, who is deputy minister of foreign affairs, to take this post, so that this is effectively a reinforcement of this political representation, and also, of course, a reinforcement of relations with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” Duda explained. 

    He noted that presidential elections are approaching …

  • Poland negotiates purchase of additional missile systems from USA

    The Polish Defense Ministry is in talks with the United States on the acquisition of Patriot missile systems and HIMARS artillery rockets systems, stated Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak.

    “In March 2018, I signed an agreement with the American side on the purchase of a Patriot missile system. We are currently negotiating on further contracts, for example, the purchase of HIMARS systems. We are waiting for the consent of the US Congress. The State Department has already given consent. …