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  • Russia accuses the US of creating false excuses to impose sanctions

    The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused the US of creating excuses to impose sanctions.

    In response to Washington's charges against a Russian woman accused of interfering in the Congressional midterm elections, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the US is leading “a shameful slanderous campaign” against Russia, which stems from the desire of some American politicians to gain the upper hand in “interparty brawls”.

    “They use illegible means, including evidently ordered criminal …

  • Washington: Russia can influence public opinion through RT and Sputnik

    In a joint statement of the Director’s office of the National Intelligence Agency, Ministry of Justice, FBI and the US Department of Homeland Security, the United States said that Russia, China, and Iran are “attempting” to undermine the institution of democracy and influence public opinion.

    The statement is published on the website of the head of national intelligence.

    “We are concerned about ongoing campaigns by Russia, China and other foreign actors, including Iran, to undermine confidence …

  • Shoygu and Mattis meet in person for the first time

    The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation press service reported on Facebook that Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu and the United States Secretary of Defense, James Mattis met in person for the first time at the international summit in Singapore. According the Russian Ministry of Defense, Mattis and Shoygu shook hands at the entrance to the hall before the start of the summit’s official part.

    It is reported that the head of the Pentagon expressed condolences to Shoygu in regards …

  • US pulls out of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia

    The United States has decided to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty which it signed with the Soviet Union and its legal successor, the Russian Federation.

    The agreement that was signed by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987 and which heralded the end of the Cold War no longer makes sense, because “Russia has been violating it for many years”, US President Donald Trump said on Saturday.

    The INF Treaty stipulated that the Soviet Union, and subsequently …

  • Washington temporarily lifts sanctions from head of Russia’s space agency

    NASA director Jim Bridenstine stated that Washington will temporarily lift sanctions from the head of the Russian state owned corporation Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin so that he can visit the US at the invitation of NASA.

    “I would like to discuss many questions with Dmitry Rogozin. If we want to establish a good working relationship, then we need to start to fully interact with each other, which in turn, will be good for both countries. We worked in a number of areas, so the Chief Director of …

  • Putin and Trump may meet in November

    A senior advisor in the Trump administration said at a press meeting on Friday, October 19 that US President Donald Trump and Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin may hold bilateral meetings in Paris or in Buenos Aires in November.

    “There are a couple possibilities, including the G-20 in Buenos Aires or the Armistice Day parade in Paris. At the G-20 is probably more likely,” the advisor said. “And President Trump’s invitation to Putin to visit Washington, DC still stands.” France is …

  • US offers to supply two frigates to Ukrainian Navy

    The US offered to provide the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense with military-technical assistance for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In part, the US authorities propose to strengthen the Ukrainian Navy with frigates. The appropriate letter was sent to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry through the military attaché of the US embassy, reports the Ukrainian military portal.

    It is reported that among other things the Americans are ready to transfer to Ukraine two Oliver Hazard Perry-type frigates which will …

  • Medvedev: sanctions against Russian banks would be a declaration of trade war

    The possible imposition of sanctions against the Russian bank sector will become “the declaration of trade war” but Moscow can overcome the limitations, stated Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in an interview with Euronews. The Head of the Cabinet of Ministers stressed that the Russian economy “is able to adapt to any forms of pressure.”

    “The question is why this [imposition of sanctions] is needed. The answer is that this destroys international order, including international economic …

  • Kremlin: US denied entry to Russian appointee to UN post

    The United States denied entry to a Russian, who was appointed to the UN secretariat, stated the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova.

    "Earlier, the Americans refused entry to a Russian citizen for no reason, one who has been appointed to the UN Secretariat. The Americans have been delaying their response for the whole year" Zakharova complained, adding that the United States continue to create problems for Russians. She pointed out that the US has gone …

  • Russia Today TV channel excluded from US broadcast networks

    In the US, Russian television channel Russia Today was excluded from broadcasting networks Spectrum and Comcast Chicago, according to the channel’s website.

    The coverage zone of these networks includes most major cities including New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago and the state of New Jersey.

    On September 1st, the cable television operator Spectrum refused to renew the broadcast agreement with RT. When RT questioned the reason for the decision, the operator responded that with the …