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  • German newspaper discloses locations of Russian 9M729 cruise missiles

    Russia has deployed 9M729 cruise missiles in the locations that previously have not been reported. On February 10, the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, citing western intelligence sources, wrote that the missile divisions are located near Mozdok in North Ossetia, and in Shuya town near Moscow, reports the Russian service Radio Liberty.

    Previously reported cruise missiles installations are located at the Kapustin Yar Russian rocket launch and development site in southern …

  • US Congress prepares to deal new blow to Russian economy

    The lull in sanctions which Russia enjoyed during US Congress’s interim elections and government shutdown is now coming to an end.

    After the four-month break, Congress is once again discussing new measures that can be taken against Russia. The possibilities range from a ban on investments in Russian government debt to a complete disconnection of Russian government banks from the global dollar transaction system.

    Congress’s first hearings following its elections will be held on 12 February in …

  • USA deploys more than a dozen combat helicopters in Latvia

    As part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, thirteen UH-60 Black Hawk and HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopters have been deployed  in Latvia to strengthen security in the region, reported the Latvian Defense Ministry. The helicopters were deployed at a National Armed Forces airbase in Lielvārde. 

    Also, about 150 US military serving in the 3rd Battalion of the First Aviation Brigade have arrived in the country for 9 months rotation. The US personnel will maintain the helicopters and will train the Latvians …

  • US ambassadors to Europe warn of dangers of Nord Stream 2 pipeline

    American diplomats are urging European countries to revise their Gas Directive and to adopt amendments that would extend the EU’s regulations to companies from third countries, including the Nord Stream 2 project. The US ambassadors to Germany, Denmark and the EU, Richard Grenell, Carla Sands and Gordon Sondland, wrote about this in an opinion article for Deutsche Welle.

    “The EU should revise the Third Energy Package's Gas Directive so that the bloc's laws also apply to projects like Nord …

  • EU diplomats warned about Russian and Chinese spies in Brussels

    The European Union External Action Service (EEAS) warned European diplomats and military about espionage by Russian and Chinese intelligence services, Die Welt reported with a reference to diplomats and the data of the EEAS.

    According to the European Union External Action Service, there are about 250 Chinese and 200 Russian spies in Brussels. Diplomats told the newspaper that they have been warned against visiting certain places, in particular, a cafe near the European Commission (Berlaymont) …

  • Poland to buy American HIMARS missile systems

    On Sunday 10 February, the Polish government will formally announce its acquisition of US-produced High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS).

    According to a post on the Polish Defense Ministry website, the deal will be officially announced by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak.

    HIMARS are multipurpose salvo rocket systems that can fire unguided and guided rockets, as well as tactical rockets. The US Department of State authorized the sale of the …

  • Russia believes US is planning to invade Venezuela

    Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in a press conference that the US is working on scenarios to invade Venezuela, thereby violating the UN Charter.

    “Signals keep coming from Washington on the possibility of using a forceful scenario in order to overthrow the legitimate government, even through a military invasion,” she said, claiming that the White House has been speaking about this openly.

    Zakharova emphasized that such statements contravene article 2(4) of the UN …

  • Russia: US must destroy MK-41 launchers and attack drones to save INF Treaty

    Russia demands that the US meet a number of conditions before the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty can be reinstated, Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Igor Konashenkov said on Thursday, 7 February, as reported by Interfax.

    “The Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation has advised America to take the necessary measures to return to strict compliance with the treaty during the period before the INF Treaty expires,” he said.

    According to Konashenkov, Russia has advised the …

  • US: Russia has 175 Wagner mercenaries in Central African Republic

    The US is concerned by Russia’s growing presence in African countries, said General Thomas Waldhauser, commander of the US Africa Command, during hearings of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

    “In the Central African Republic (CAR), Russia has consolidated its influence through expanded military collaboration, including arms shipments, and in exchange it gains access to markets and mineral rights in the country,” the general said.

    Waldhauser also noted that the US has reason to believe …

  • The USA seeks evidence of Russia’s special forces in Venezuela

    On February 7th, Admiral Craig Faller, head of the Southern US armed forces command stated during the hearing of the Armed Services Committee of the US Senate that the United States is familiar with reports that “Russian security forces” allegedly were transferred to Venezuela. The American authorities are trying to confirm this information.

    “I am not aware of the details of this situation, but we are closely monitoring it. We saw media publications that the Russian security forces have been …