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  • US prepares new round of sanctions against Russia

    The United States is developing a second, more severe package of sanctions against the Russian Federation for November in response to the poisoning incident in Salisbury, said the State Department’s representative, Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs Manisha Singh. “We plan to impose a very severe second round of sanctions under the [chemical and biological weapons] law.”

    According to Singh, the package will include “banking sanctions and prohibition on procurement  …

  • Lavrov: Russia is ready to seek a way out of impasse in relations with the U.S.

    Moscow is ready to do everything in its power to find a way out of the deadend in Russian-American relations, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

    He also noted that Russia is taking President Trump’s willingness to establish a normal dialogue seriously, although anti-Russian sentiments in the American establishment hinders it.

    "We are ready to go our part of the way to bring the bilateral ties out of the impasse situation," Lavrov said in an interview with Germany’s DPA news agency …

  • US calls on Germany to join the military operation in Syria

    The United States urges the Bundeswehr to participate in a military strike in response to the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army. “Speeches are not the best way to demonstrate political support but showing military solidarity is,” US Special Envoy for Syria Jeffrey James said on September 13 during his visit to Berlin.

    James said that the United States would try to get the maximum contribution from NATO allies for this operation. According to him, the internal political situation in …

  • US promises to support decision to give Ukrainian church autocephaly

    The US will support the decision to grant the Ukrainian church autocephaly, said US Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback at a meeting in Kyiv with Verkhovna Rada Chairman Andriy Parubiy.

    “At the stage of deciding whether to grant the Ukrainian Orthodox Church a Tomos of autocephaly, we will not interfere. But when such a decision has been made, we will support it,” the diplomat promised.

    Andriy Parubiy pointed out that the matter of creating an independent …

  • USA imposes sanctions against Russian company for illegal transfer of funds to North Korea

    On September 13th, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions against two companies registered in Russia and China using North Korean capital. Both companies are engaged in the field of information technology.

    According to US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, Chinese company China Silver Star, established by a North Korean citizen, Jong Song Hwa and its Russia-based sister company Volasys Silver Star, registered in Vladivostok, were engaged in the  transfer” of “illicit revenue to …

  • Volker: US ready to help Ukraine with weapons due to situation in Azov Sea

    US State Department Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker told Deutsche Welle in an interview that Washington is concerned by the situation developing in the Sea of Azov, and is prepared to continue supplying Ukraine with weapons in connection with this.

    According to Volker, Russia has drastically increased its military ship presence in the region, and is inspecting the ships passing by “in an aggressive manner”.

    “This is another cause for concern. But we have the overall feeling …

  • Russian ‘spam king’ pleads guilty to cyber fraud in US court

    38-year-old Russian citizen Peter Levashov pleaded guilty to charges of cyber fraud in US District Court in Hartford, Connecticut, as stated in a press release published on the website of the US Justice Department.

    “Levashov pleaded guilty before US District Judge Robert N. Chatigny to one count of causing intentional damage to a protected computer, one count of conspiracy, one count of wire fraud and one count of aggravated identity theft,” the press release stated. “Judge Chatigny scheduled …

  • US disallows Russia to use new Tu-214 for Open Skies observation flights

    The US government has decided not to allow Russia’s new Tu-214ON reconnaissance aircraft to make observation flights in accordance with the Treaty on Open Skies. This was reported by Sergey Ryzhkov, head of Russia’s National Nuclear Risk Reduction Center, in an interview with Krasnaya Zvezda, the official newspaper of Russia’s Defense Ministry.

    According to Ryzhkov, at the Kubinka airfield in the Moscow province, the new aircraft was subjected to international examination of the course of ten …

  • Merkel does not rule out Germany's participation in the strikes on Syria

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized the statement of her government coalition partner in the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) about the possible Bundeswehr involvement in Syria. "Saying “no” in advance to everything that happens in the world cannot be Germany's position," Merkel said on Wednesday, September 12, speaking in the general debate on the Bundestag budget.

    "We cannot ignore the use of chemical weapons elsewhere and how the international convention is not respected. …

  • Fourth American destroyer equipped with Tomahawks enters the Mediterranean Sea

    The USS Bulkeley destroyer, which is equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles, entered the Mediterranean Sea, reported Interfax with reference to Gibraltar resources monitoring the ship traffic.

    As reported by the agency, the destroyer headed for the eastern Mediterranean towards the shores of Syria.

    The movement of the destroyer was reported on Twitter by Michael Sanchez, who monitors the passage of ships in Gibraltar. He wrote that the USS Bulkeley was seen in the Strait of Gibraltar near …