Putin approves decree allowing Russian military to block Kerch Strait

In a decree published on the Kremlin’s website, Russian President Vladimir Putin has allowed the Russian military to block the territories and waters around protected facilities to stop attempts of illegal infiltration.

The explanatory note to the document says that the Russian National Guard protects the waters of the Kerch Strait, the bridge over it and the water area around the Russian power grid link with Crimea.

In addition, according to Putin's decree, the military can cordon these areas during attempts of "illegal crossing and infiltration" into the surrounding water area and attempts to leave it.

On June 23, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the Russian military allegedly fired warning shots on the British destroyer HMS Defender, which entered the "Russian territorial waters" in the Black Sea.

British authorities said the destroyer made a peaceful passage through Ukraine's territorial waters in accordance with international law and there were no warning shots fired.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the decision to allow HMS Defender to pass near Crimea was made by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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