US diplomats: Despite statements to the contrary, Russia is not interested in peace in Ukraine

U.S. Diplomats stress that Russia’s statements regarding their desire for peace in Ukraine differ from real events, as stated during by the U.S. Ambassador for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Daniel Baer, during a telephone conversation with European journalists as part of the Brussels Media Hub project.

He stressed that the number of victims and attacks from the territory controlled by separatists has increased due to Russia’s actions. "The situation has escalated beyond what we have seen over the past year." the U.S Ambassador stressed.

"In word, Russia says that they want to settle the conflict and maintain the ceasefire. But at the same time we see them continuing to resupply weapons and fighters; we see continued provocations to keep the conflict going, we see the restrictions on the work of the SMM and attacks on their cars," he added.

His colleague, the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, who also took part in the conversation with journalists, added that Russia has an action plan for resolving the conflict but it is not being implemented.

"The Minsk Protocol signed in September 2014 has all of the steps that are necessary to end the conflict. We have had this action plan for the last two years. The only problem is political will," he opined.

On Friday, the U.S.A. stated that the liquidation of the Crimean Federal District of the Russian Federation will not change the sanctions imposed earlier. 

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