Turchynov: Russia is testing new weapons in the Donbas

Russia is continuing to use the occupied territory of the Donbas to test new weapons during the ongoing conflict. The press service of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine reported that this was said by its Secretary, Oleksandr Turchynov.

According to Turchynov, Russian forces in the Donbas are testing new models of weapons and military equipment.

“In July, we witnessed the attacks on our troops with the new Russian mortar KM-8 Gran system, which has guided 120-millimeter mines and a portable means of automated fire control through the Malachite system,” Turchynov said.

He also said that these weapons, or complexes, are operated by Russian military personnel. The KM-8 Gran is designed to destroy single and multiple targets, as well as armored targets and fortifications from the first shot without additional adjustments.

“The complex uses a 120-mm guided mine, equipped with a laser homing head,” Turchynov said, explaining that the Malachite system of automated fire control allows accurate firing in difficult terrain and adverse conditions.

According to Turchynov, Russia is also using a new UAV Inspector-601 which is designed for attacking and assisting in obtaining intelligence and completing special tasks. In addition, they are using the Shipovnik-Aero complex for electronic warfare and the multi-functional Rtut-BM complex also for electronic warfare. Russia is also using laser location devices and other laser devices of the last generation intended for optical-electronic warfare.

“We have also recorded Russia’s use of prohibited ammunition which has enhanced combat characteristics,” Turchynov said. This banned ammunition includes the 122 mm ZSH2 Lepestok-2 howitzer shells, which have arrow-like striking elements and a casualty area of 500 meters.

Turchynov had previously said that the National Security Council may consider imposing martial law.

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