US announces that Kyiv has agreed to offer special status to the Donbas

Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden stated that Ukrainian authorities have agreed to the special status of the Donbas. The video of the politician’s speech at the Council of Foreign Relations in New York was published by the Ukrainian Service of Voice of America.

Biden noted the complexity of the decision for Kyiv, stating that it would be similar to Washington granting special status to Texas due to the growing influence of Mexico in the region.

“It’s like saying, ‘Texas will have special status because we wish Mexico had more influence in Texas, and we’re going to get it through Congress.’ This is a very difficult step that [Kyiv] agreed to undertake. I’m convinced that they’ll do it,” the politician said.

During his speech, Biden also warned Ukraine that the EU wants to lift the sanctions imposed on Russia.

Recently, Ukrainian representatives from the trilateral contact group reported the absence of conditions for a special status for the Donbas.

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