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  • Biden tries to persuade Israeli Prime Minister to supply weapons to Ukraine

    During his visit to Israel, U.S. President Joe Biden asked Prime Minister Yair Lapid to expand military assistance to Ukraine and provide lethal weapons, reported the Israeli news website Walla.

    According to journalists, the United States and Israel cannot reach an agreement on the supply of weapons to Ukraine. Earlier, Washington repeatedly appealed to Jerusalem, but the request was denied.

    Ukraine has asked Israel several times since the beginning of the Russian invasion to sell Israeli …

  • Kremlin: Putin will not congratulate Biden on U.S. Independence Day

    Russian President Vladimir Putin will not congratulate American President Joe Biden on the U.S. Independence Day, said Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov during a press briefing.

    "No, there will be no congratulatory letter this year. This is because this year has been the culmination of an unfriendly policy towards our country on the part of the United States. Therefore, in these conditions, it can hardly be considered expedient to send such a congratulatory message," Putin's press secretary …

  • Putin: Biden promises a moratorium on Ukraine’s accession to NATO

    US President Joe Biden allegedly assured Putin that Ukraine will not be accepted into NATO in the near future, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Russian Security Council.

    "My American colleague [Joe Biden] assured that Ukraine is not going to be accepted tomorrow, moreover, some kind of moratorium is possible, but they believe that Ukraine is not ready today. Therefore, we consider this not a concession, but further implementation of their plans. If, you believe that it …

  • Large shipment of American weapons delivered to Ukraine

    The first shipment of the security assistance package, which was recently approved by US President Joe Biden, has arrived in Kyiv, reported the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine on Twitter.

    That cargo includes about 200,000 pounds of lethal weapons, including ammunition for Ukraine's military on the front lines.

    "This assistance, as well as security assistance, amounting to more than $2.7 billion that the U.S. has provided to Ukraine since 2014, demonstrates the United States' strong commitment to …

  • After Biden threatens Putin with sanctions, Russia warns of war in Ukraine

    Threats of disconnecting Russia from the dollar system, voiced yesterday by U.S. President Joe Biden, can provoke a resumption of the "civil war" in Ukraine, said the press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov

    According to him, the threat of sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine can "contribute to the destabilization of the situation" in the Donbas.

    "All these statements can instill completely erroneous hopes in the hotheads of some representatives of the Ukrainian …

  • Biden promises Zelensky full support in event of Russian invasion of Ukraine

    The Presidents of the United States and Ukraine held a telephone conversation on January 2. As noted in the press release of the White House, Joe Biden assured Volodymyr Zelensky that "the United States, its allies and partners will respond decisively if Russia further invades Ukraine."

    The American President expressed support for diplomatic efforts aimed at de-escalating tensions in the region. The efforts include a meeting of representatives of the United States and Russia, scheduled for …

  • Putin tells Biden Russia is ready to completely break off relations with the U.S.

    A new round of tough sanctions that the United States threatens Russia in the event of an invasion of Ukraine could lead to a complete rupture in relations between the two countries, Russian president Vladimir Putin told US President Joe Biden during a telephone conversation held on Thursday evening, the Kremlin’s press service reports.

    The 55-minute dialogue, the third since Biden took office, finally set the dates for the upcoming talks on security assurances: January 9-10 in Geneva on a …

  • Kremlin confirms Biden threatened Russia with financial isolation in the event of an attack on Ukraine

    US President Joe Biden, in a conversation with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, threatened Russia with financial isolation in the event of an attack on Ukraine, said Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov on the TV program "Moscow. Kremlin. Putin" on the TV channel Russia-1.

    "Yes, indeed, Biden said that if there is this ephemeral invasion of Ukraine - apparently, the Americans have made themselves believed that this is not fake information, but the real truth - then Russia will be financially …

  • Putin convinces Biden not to impose sanctions against Russian oligarchs and Nord Stream 2

    The United States withdrew all amendments on sanctions against Russia from the draft defense bill for 2022 after negotiations between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.

    The two-hour online summit, which the presidents held face to face, even sending interpreters to the other rooms, was the third conversation between Putin and Biden and took place after Russia moved almost all Russian troops stationed west of the Urals to the border with Ukraine.

    Biden "expressed concern" on behalf of the United …

  • Kremlin: Putin and Biden will discuss Ukraine during their next meeting

    The topic of Ukraine will be raised during the next meeting between the presidents of the United States and the Russian Federation, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. The sides are currently agreeing on the timing and format of the meeting, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

    "During the next contact between our presidents - its timing and other parameters are now being discussed - of course, the Ukrainian topic will arise one way or another," Interfax quoted Lavrov as saying.

    Lavrov …