Russian newspaper: More than 2000 Russians have been killed in eastern Ukraine since 2014

According to SuperOmsk, a Russian newspaper in the city of Omsk in the Ural Mountains, 2,081 Russians have been killed in eastern Ukraine since February of 2014. A list of names of those killed and missing persons was published on the "Cargo-200 from Ukraine to Russia" Facebook page.

Among the 2,000 dead were seven from Omsk.

According to "Cargo-200 from Ukraine to Russia", the bodies of 649 of the 2,081 have been returned to Russia and buried, and the group continues to determine the identities of those soldiers who were known only by their military call signs.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the Kremlin continues to deny direct military involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine, insisting that any Russian citizen fighting on the side of the separatists is there as a "volunteer", though President Vladimir Putin recently admitted that Russian military "specialists" were on the ground in Ukraine.

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