Prime Minister of Latvia: Russia's actions in the Donbas contradict the Minsk agreements

Russian actions in eastern Ukraine contradict the Minsk Agreements and in no way contribute to the resolution of the conflict, as stated by the Prime Minister of Latvia, Māris Kučinskis, during a speech at the Kyiv Security Forum.

"We see very little progress towards the Minsk Agreements and the resolution of the conflict. Taking into consideration the actions of Russia in recent months, especially in eastern Ukraine, I believe that we must change our approach in cooperating with Russia," Kučinskis said.

He stressed that Latvia, and most of the European community, condemns Russian aggression and continues to support the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

"The full implementation of the Minsk Agreements is one of the main prerequisites for the successful resolution of the conflict. The connection between sanctions and the implementation of the Minsk Agreements should be preserved," he added.

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