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  • Latvia intends to supply weapons to Ukraine

    Amid growing threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, Latvia will provide Kyiv with military equipment. Riga is ready to "supply lethal and non-lethal products" to Kyiv, said Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks at a press conference in the Latvian capital on Wednesday, January 19. What kind of weapons Ukraine will receive will be made public only after their delivery. At the same time, Latvia is not considering the possibility of sending its servicemen to Ukraine, Pabriks said.

    Pabriks …

  • Two suspects detained in Latvia for espionage for Russia

    Two people suspected of long-term cooperation with the military intelligence of the Russian Federation were detained in Latvia. They are accused of providing the Russian Special Services with classified information about the Latvian defense sector, the news agencies BNS and LETA reported, citing the Latvian State Security Service (VVD). The names of the detainees have not been published.

    According to the reports, the suspects were detained by the VVD together with the Defence Intelligence and …

  • Latvia to send weapons to Ukraine

    Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks said that the country will transfer humanitarian cargo to Ukraine, including weapons and military equipment.

    The contents of the shipment were agreed with the Ukrainian Ambassador Oleksandr Mishchenko, reports

    "We call on our allies in Europe to do the same. Because Ukraine has the right and must be able to defend itself. Ukraine, to a large extent, is taking tensions away from our own borders. From our region. And although Ukraine is not a …

  • Latvia begins military exercises near the border with Belarus

    On Sunday, November 14, Latvia began military exercises in the south-east of the country. According to Defense Minister Artis Pabriks, about 3,000 members of the National Armed Forces and National Guard units are expected to be involved in the maneuvers.

    According to a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, the exercises The Decisive Point will last until December 12. Their purpose is to test the large-scale cooperation of various military and command structures, as well as logistics and …

  • Russia expels seven Slovak, Lithuanian and Estonian diplomats

    Russia expels a total of seven diplomats from Slovakia and the Baltic States. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that three employees of the Slovak Embassy in Moscow, two employees of the Lithuanian Embassy and one each from the embassies of Latvia and Estonia were declared persona non grata.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the ambassadors of these countries. They were given "letters of protest in connection with provocative, unreasonable decisions" to expel employees of Russian …

  • Latvia bans broadcast of 12 Russian channels

    Latvia has banned the rebroadcasting of 16 Russian channels, including REN TV Baltic, NTV Mir Baltic, Karusel International, NTV Serial, NTV Style, NTV Right, Kinomix, Our New Cinema, Native Cinema, Cinema Comedy, Cinema, KVN TV, Kitchen TV, Box TV and HD Life.

    The newspaper Delfi reports, citing the chairman of the National Council of Electronic Media (NEPLP) Ivars Abolins, that the council had not found an official representative of these channels in Latvia who could agree to their …

  • Latvia bans RTR Rossiya TV channel over hate speech against Ukraine

    The National Electronic Mass Media Council of Latvia (NEPLP) has decided to ban the broadcast of the TV channel "RTR Rossiya" on the territory of the country for a year. The decision will come into force on February 15.

    "We have protected, defended and will defend our information space," said NEPLP ‘s chairman Ivars Āboliņš, Delfi reports.

    Last summer, NEPLP noticed incitement of hatred in the program "60 Minutes" on "RTR Rossiya" and began the restriction process.

    When talking about Ukraine, …

  • Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania declare Lukashenko persona non grata

    Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs has added Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and 29 other high-ranking officials of Belarus to the list of people who are banned from entering the country. The foreign ministries of Estonia and Lithuania made the same decisions.

    The statement published on the website of the Latvian Foreign Ministry named the reasons for the sanctions and listed the names of the Belarusian officials.

    " Persons on this list are not permitted to travel to Latvia …

  • Latvian police seize assets under Magnitsky Act

    The Latvian State Police's Office for Combating Economic Crimes seized in February assets in the case of Sergei Magnitsky worth about $500,000, reports.

    Police identified bank accounts and property in the $230 million money laundering scheme which was exposed by Sergei Magnitsky.

    "Latvian accounts were used for purchases by Russian citizens," the police said. Among the assets seized are two real estate properties in Latvia bought from Cypriot accounts. The bank account of a widow …

  • Latvia denies entry to Russian journalist

    Andrey Zakharov, a journalist for the Russian newspaper Izvestia, was denied entry to Latvia and, at Estonia’s request, his three year Schengen visa was also canceled, Izvestia reports.

    Zakharov had flown to Riga as part of a film crew on the morning of February 24. However, the Latvian border authorities denied him entry.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry has said previously that, in recent times, Russian journalists are being subjected with increasing frequency to lengthy checks by police and …