Linkevicius: Hostilities in Avdiivka could be repeated in other places in Ukraine

The deterioration of the situation and continuing hostilities near Avdiivka may be repeated in other hot spots in eastern Ukraine, as was stated by the Lithuanian Foreign Minister, Linas Linkevičius, before the meeting of the EU Foreign Ministers in Brussels.

"The current situation in eastern Ukraine is very complex. There is a relative improvement after the humanitarian catastrophe in Avdiivka but we see that the situation is still unpredictable due to the significant concentration of heavy weaponry near the border," Linkevičius said.

According to the Minister, European sanctions against the Russian Federation should remain in force and there are no reasons for their easing or review. "Deterioration can occur at any time, the events that occurred in Avdiivka can be repeated at any time and in any place, that is why we should be certain that the process of improvement will be stable and unavoidable. We have not had this certainty yet, we need the consolidated position of all European countries," he added.

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