Antonov showcases its aircraft at arms exhibition in India

The delegation of the Antonov State Company of Ukraine is participating in DefExpo-2016, the Land, Naval and Internal Homeland Security Systems Exhibition, in Goa, India, the company said in a statement. As noted in the statement, the promising projects of the Antonov State Company can become the basis of further development of fruitful cooperation between Ukraine and India in the aviation industry.

"The Antonov State Company proposes the latest multi-purpose An-132 transport aircraft with load capacities up to 9.2 tons for the replacement of the well-known India An-32 aircraft. This program is being implemented in cooperation with partners from Saudi Arabia and with participation of the leading companies of the global aviation industry,” the company’s statement read.

“Enterprises of India are invited to participate in creation of this aircraft and ministries and institutions of the country are invited to become its customers,” the press statement reported. The company reported that An-178 transport aircraft, with load capacities up to 18 tons, is going through the program of certification tests so that it can become the basis for joint implementation of the program of the average transport aircraft in maximum compliance with the requirements of Indian customers.

Another area of further cooperation on joint creation of aircrafts for different purposes on a single platform can be developed with experience from the An-148/An-158 family. The latest aircraft of this line is An-148-300MP; it is designed for implementation of tasks of maritime patrol, the statement notes. It needs less flight time to reach the patrolling area and it is able to explore much larger waters. It allows more tasks to be completed with the help of a fewer quantity of aircrafts, the company states.

On February 21st, the presidents of Antonov State Company and Arabian Taqnia Aeronautics Co signed an agreement on cooperation with the organization of Saudi Arabia aircraft complex and the organization of production of An-132 aircraft.

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