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  • Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer Antonov produces first plane without Russian parts

    The Ukrainian state-owned aircraft manufacturer Antonov produced the first transport aircraft An-178 without Russian components, said Antonov’s President Alexander Moose in an interview with Ukrinform.

    "This is the first plane without a single Russian part. We have been accused of not producing  planes for several years. But with the beginning of the Russian military aggression in 2014, we lost not only the export market, but also the supply market for important components. It took some time …

  • NATO extends lease of Ukrainian Ruslan cargo aircraft

    The press service of the Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing company Antonov reported that Ukraine would continue to cooperate in the Strategic Airlift Interim Solution (SALIS) program, within which the GP Antonov allocates two heavy transport  Ruslan An-124-100 aircraft for strategic air cargo.

    The contract signed in the framework of SALIS has been extended for three years, to December 31st, 2021.

    “In accordance with contractual obligations, from January 1st, 2019, GP Antonov provides two An-124 …

  • Ukraine offers its Antonov aircraft for NATO transportation

    Ukraine can now offer international partners its aircraft which can be used for NATO and EU transportation needs. Ukraine’s State Enterprise, Antonov, released the corresponding statement on April 25, the first day of an international aerospace show in Berlin where Ukraine presented the world’s largest An-225 Mriya cargo aircraft.

     “Since the Russian company Volga-Dnepr Airlines intends to leave the Strategic Airlift Interim Solution (SALIS), Antonov is ready to provide a full range of …

  • Ukraine offered Portugal to start joint development of firefighting aircraft

    Ukraine offered to develop a joint a firefighting aircraft with Portugal based on one of the planes of the state enterprise, Antonov (Kyiv), according to the Twitter of the Presidential Press Secretary, Svyatoslav Tsegolko.

    "Ukraine offered to develop a joint firefighting aircraft with Portugal based on Antonov," he wrote after the meeting between Poroshenko and the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

    "Despite the fact that Portugal is in the far west of the European continent, …

  • Ukraine: An-70 aircraft will be manufactured without Russian parts

    The Antonov aviation design and aircraft manufacturing company headquartered in Kyiv and part of the Ukrainian Ukroboronprom state-run defense industrial enterprise, intends to upgrade its An-70 military transport aircraft.

    The press service of Ukroboronprom stated that the company intended to attract aviation companies from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey to help implement the required changes.

    As part of the enhancements, the An-70 will receive new aviation electronics …

  • Ukrainian Antonov agreed to service An-124 Ruslan aircraft owned by Russian company

    The Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer, Antonov, will conduct and assessment of the technical condition of the Ruslan aircraft belonging to the Russian cargo airline, Volga-Dnepr. The statement from the aircraft manufacturer, published on Friday, November 3rd, says that the company, as a developer of aircraft, is the "certificate holder for the An-type aircraft, in particular the An-124-100 transport aircraft, Ruslan. "That is why the maintenance of this aircraft is the sole responsibility of …

  • Media: Russia and Ukraine conduct closed-door talks on the maintenance of An-124 Ruslan aircraft

    The Russian cargo airline, Volga-Dnepr, and the state enterprise, Antonov, are conducting closed-door negotiations to extend the airworthiness of the An-124-100 Ruslan aircraft, Kommersant reports, citing sources in the aviation industry.

    Due to the aggravation of relations between Russia and Ukraine, Antonov, under the order of the Ukrainian government, withdrew from the Ukrainian-Russian joint venture between the United Aircraft Corporation and Antonov and stopped servicing the aircraft of …

  • Journalist: Despite sanctions, Ukraine’s Antonov aircraft manufacturer continues to cooperate with Russia

    The Ukrainian state enterprise Antonov allegedly intends to continue servicing the Russian cargo transportation airline Volga-Dnepr, one of several companies that fulfill orders of the Russian Defense Ministry.

    Journalist Roman Bochkala referred to his own unnamed source when making this claim on Facebook. According to him, Antonov's employees are flying for two months to Ulyanovsk, where the headquarters of the Volga-Dnepr is located in order to extend the life of the Russian An-124 Ruslan.

    " …

  • Ukrainian state-owned company Antonov announces it will build 70 aircraft in next five years

    The marketing plan of the state-run company Antonov provides for the building of at least 70 aircraft in the next five years, reports the press service of the state enterprise Ukroboronprom.

    “A clear marketing plan was created for the state-run company Antonov, which is based on the assessment of specialists as well as forecasts of independent experts and leading companies. It takes into account the prospective markets and the potential of each product line in these markets. It is also based …

  • Ukraine wants to build an An-77 aircraft jointly with the US

    The Ukrainian aircraft factory Antonov State Company (SC) (Kyiv) has invited the US to engage in cooperation on the project development of the An-77 medium military transport aircraft. Interfax Ukraine reported , citing a statement by the company.

    The company has reported that the factory delivered a proposal on cooperation to the American side during a visit by a delegation of the Transport and Infrastructure Committee of the US House of Representatives to Antonov SC.

    The company believes …