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  • Ukraine's new Antonov An-132 made its inaugural flight

    The new Ukrainian An-132 transport aircraft took off for the first time on Friday, March 31, reported a correspondent of from the Kyiv Svyatoshin airfield.

    Later Antonov’s press service reported that the flight lasted 1 hour and 50 minutes. It was performed by a crew of Ukrainian pilots, Viktor Goncharov and Bohdan Zagorulko and engineer Volodymyr Nesterenko. Mohammed Ayash from the Arabian Taqnia Aeronautics was also among the crew.

    The An-132D aircraft was developed for Saudi Arabia. …

  • Media: India chooses Ukrainian An-178 aircraft over Russian Il-214

    India is no longer interested in the Russian Il-214 transport aircraft, a plane that has been in constant development for 17 years. TV reports that the country will focus on the Ukrainian An-178 instead.

    The IL-214 was slated to replace the obsolete AN-12 aircraft currently used by the Armed Forces of India and Russia. Work on the aircraft began way back in 2000 and India joined the development in 2007.

    It was reported that the aircraft was developed by the Ilyushin Aviation Complex (IL) …

  • Russia is attempting to recruit employees of Ukraine's Antonov aircraft company

    Russia is willing to accept Ukrainian aircraft designers of the Antonov serial production plant and to provide them with jobs and salaries. This was stated by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin during an inspection of the Il-112V plane at the VASO plant in Voronezh, RIA Novosti reports.

    "Of course, we would be delighted and look forward to the Ukrainian aircraft designers and builders moving to Russia. They do not have any prospects for work in Kiev particularly and in Ukraine in …

  • Ukraine's Antonov aircraft manufacturer offered its aircraft for Trump’s Air Force One

    The Ukrainian Antonov aircraft manufacturing and services company has offered U.S. President-elect, Donald Trump, to manufacture Air Force One. “Maybe, it is better to consider an Antonov aircraft as Air Force One,” the Ukrainian company commented in response to Trump’s tweet about not wanting Boeing’s extremely expensive aircraft.

    Trump previously stated that the contract between the U.S. Government and Boeing for the construction of the presidential aircraft, Air Force One, should be …

  • US lifts restrictions on Antonov flights

    The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) lifted restrictions on Ukrainian Antonov Airlines on the number of annual cargo charter flights in and out of the country.

    According to, the permit to perform cargo charter flights to and from the United States freely was issued in connection with the Agreement on Air Transportation, which was concluded between Ukraine and the United States on July 14, 2015 and entered into force in January 2016.

    The management of Antonov Airlines …

  • Russia to design replacement for Ukrainian An-124 aircraft

    Russia is planning to develop an analog of one of the largest transport aircraft in the world, the An-124 Ruslan, over the next two years, stated Andrey Boginsky, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, on the sidelines of the Gidroaviasalon 2016 forum.

    “There are no specific timeframes for when the project will be ready. Such work is proceeding primarily with the Defense Ministry because they will be a customer of the aircraft. The work is proceeding proactively. The …

  • Ukrainian expert predicts Russian civil aviation 'collapse' due to break with Antonov

    The Russian passenger and transport aviation industry will suffer heavy losses after the disruption of their relationship with Ukrainian enterprise, Antonov, as stated by aviation expert, Valeriy Romanenko, on Hromadske.

    According to him, nearly the whole Russian civil aviation industry was based on Ukrainian development and will suffer from the disruption of the relationship between Antonov State Company and the Russian company, Volga-Dnepr Group.

    "Due to the disruption of relationships in …

  • Antonov aircraft manufacturer to replace Russian parts with those from Western companies

    Ukraine's Antonov State Company plans to replace parts manufactured in Russia under the joint production of the world’s largest aircraft, An-225 Mriya, with those from Chinese company China Аirspace in the framework of a signed agreement. This was stated by the deputy head of the Department of Perspective Development of the Company, Andrey Khaustov.

    “We will consider various options to replace the Russian components which were completed with the first ‘Mriya’ and to consider the most optimal …

  • Chinese media is skeptical over agreement with Ukraine on Antonov aircraft

    The Chinese company Aerospace Industry Corporation of China (AICC), which has become party to the agreement with the Ukrainian state enterprise Antonov, is unable to produce planes of this level. Investigative journalists from the Chinese newspaper Toutiao reported on AICC’s viability.

    Toutiao claims that according to the documents this Chinese company looks more like a fictitious firm than a large-scale enterprise. According to them, Aerospace Industry Corporation of China was registered in …

  • Antonov announces it has not sold the rights of the An-225 to China

    The Ukrainian state-owned aircraft manufacturer Antonov has clarified the details of a recent agreement with the Aerospace Industry Corporation of China, stressing that China will not be given the rights to produce An-225 Mriyas, according to a message posted on Antonov’s Facebook page.

    Chinese television reported that the Ukrainian company had sold the rights to the aircraft.

    “Antonov does not convey the rights to China for the An-225 aircraft… including intellectual property rights,” the …