Ukrainian expert predicts Russian civil aviation 'collapse' due to break with Antonov

The Russian passenger and transport aviation industry will suffer heavy losses after the disruption of their relationship with Ukrainian enterprise, Antonov, as stated by aviation expert, Valeriy Romanenko, on Hromadske.

According to him, nearly the whole Russian civil aviation industry was based on Ukrainian development and will suffer from the disruption of the relationship between Antonov State Company and the Russian company, Volga-Dnepr Group.

"Due to the disruption of relationships in the aerospace industry, Russia has suffered huge losses. The aircraft, which were developed by the Antonov Design Bureau in Russia, actually occupied all Russian factories producing civil aircraft. They have their own developments. They were very happy with the latest Ukrainian developments," Romanenko said.

The expert noted that the main loss for the Ukrainian enterprise will be the An-70 project. According to him, Russia produced vent filters for these aircraft, which will now become unavailable. However, he stressed that Antonov already has its own alternative project.

In addition, according to a statement by Antonov, they do not guarantee the safety of aircraft which were produced jointly with Russian companies. This means that these aircraft will not actually be able to cross the border. "This means that the Russian Ruslan will now be able to fly only to Siberia. There is no manufacturer's warranty guaranteeing that this aircraft will not fail when crossing the border of any European country," Romanenko said.

Earlier it was reported that the State Company Antonov will curtail cooperation with the Russian company Volga-Dnepr Group at the end of 2016.

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