Israeli military drone crashes in Lebanon

On Wednesday morning, an Israeli military drone crashed in Lebanon near the Israeli Lebanese border, reports Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on its Twitter.

IDF informs that the drone crashed during "another operation to secure the border," without specifying the cause of the accident. According to IDF, the drone landed in Lebanon, near the border between Israel and Lebanon.

In turn, the Al Manar TV channel of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement reports that the drone was intercepted during its flight over the Kfar Kila village in southern Lebanon. Allegedly, Kfar Kila's resident shot down a drone from a hunting rifle.

Earlier in September, Hezbollah shot down an Israeli drone in southern Lebanon. The IDF confirmed the drone's crash but claimed that the reason for that was a technical fault.

Also, the media reported that the Israeli aircraft used the beginning of the Turkish military operation against Syrian Kurds and secretly conducted the airstrike on the Syrian territory.

  Israel, Lebanon, Syria