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  • Lebanon asks Russia for $1 billion in aid

    Yet another Middle Eastern government is asking Russia for financial assistance. Following Iran, which is expecting a $2 billion Russian loan, and Syria, which has already been allocated $500 million for expanding its port infrastructure, Lebanon is requesting Kremlin money.

    According to the Lebanese media, Beirut would like a $600 million - $1 billion loan from Russia.

    The foreign currency is sorely needed by Lebanon, which is undergoing a severe currency crisis with a shortage of dollars, …

  • Two Russians carrying large amount of counterfeit US dollars detained in riot-stricken Beirut

    Two Russian citizens carrying a large amount of counterfeit US dollars were detained at Beirut airport. According to New Lebanon news outlet, an investigation has been launched into the attempted smuggling of counterfeit money.

    The publication does not provide any details of the detention or the names of the detainees. It is only known that the detention was carried out by members of the Lebanese internal security service.

    On Saturday, Demonstrators clashed with law enforcement units in …

  • Israeli military drone crashes in Lebanon

    On Wednesday morning, an Israeli military drone crashed in Lebanon near the Israeli Lebanese border, reports Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on its Twitter.

    IDF informs that the drone crashed during "another operation to secure the border," without specifying the cause of the accident. According to IDF, the drone landed in Lebanon, near the border between Israel and Lebanon.

    In turn, the Al Manar TV channel of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement reports that the drone was intercepted during its …

  • Israel makes Lebanon reconciliation proposition through Russian mediation

    The Israeli authorities sent a proposal to the Lebanese government in an attempt to resolve the conflict in its initial stage and avoid further escalation.

    According to the Lebanese newspaper Al Liwaa, Moscow acted as a mediator in these secret negotiations, in which Jerusalem informed Beirut that it is willing to refrain from breaching UN Security Council Resolution No. 1701 and even to refrain from attacking Hezbollah in Syria.

    Israel’s proposition was reportedly sent after an attack by …

  • Syria reports another missile attack

    Syrian air defense systems have detected and destroyed missiles that were launched from the direction of Lebanon towards the city of Masyaf, reports Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA). According to the agency, some of the missiles reached the ground facilities.

    SANA does not name a country that was behind the attack  but reminds that the air defense of the Syrian army has repeatedly repelled the attacks of Israel and the United States.

    Al-Masdar News reported earlier this month that Russian S-400 …

  • Germany demands extradition of Assad's associate from Lebanon

    Berlin has asked Beirut to extradite Jamil Hassan, former head of Syria’s Air Force Intelligence, Der Spiegel reported on Sunday 17 February. German Public Prosecutor Peter Frank has accused Hassan of crimes against humanity, systematic torture and the killing of prisoners.

    The German public prosecution office believes that Hassan is currently undergoing medical treatment in Lebanon. According to Der Spiegel, Berlin understands that Beirut is unlikely to extradite one of Bashar al-Assad’s …

  • Hezbollah threatens to invade Galilee if Israel starts new military operation in Lebanon

    Fighters of the Shi'ite militia Hezbollah plan to carry out an operation in the north of the Galilee region if Israel starts a new war against Lebanon, said Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrullah in an interview with Al Mayadeen on Saturday. 

    “Any action is possible from our side in response to Israeli actions,” he said, stressing that Hezbollah’s troops will invade Galilee only if Israel demonstrates aggression. 

    "Israel will pay a much higher price for attacking Lebanon than Prime …