Israel makes Lebanon reconciliation proposition through Russian mediation

The Israeli authorities sent a proposal to the Lebanese government in an attempt to resolve the conflict in its initial stage and avoid further escalation.

According to the Lebanese newspaper Al Liwaa, Moscow acted as a mediator in these secret negotiations, in which Jerusalem informed Beirut that it is willing to refrain from breaching UN Security Council Resolution No. 1701 and even to refrain from attacking Hezbollah in Syria.

Israel’s proposition was reportedly sent after an attack by drones, presumably Israeli, in Lebanese territory, but before the Avivim incident, in which Hezbollah militants attacked an Israeli army jeep.

Citing diplomatic sources, the newspaper writes that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanded that the Lebanese government put pressure on Hezbollah to avoid another round of violence on the Labenese-Israeli border. Sources reported that Hassan Nasrallah rejected all peaceful initiatives.

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