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  • Israeli drug lord and SBU officers who helped him escape have been detained in Ukraine

    The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) detained Amos Dov Silver, who escaped from the Boryspil International Airport during deportation to Israel. The Ukrainian National Bureau of Investigation also detained three SBU officers who assisted him, reports the press service of the SBU.

    "As a result of the emergency operation, the Security Service of Ukraine detained Israeli citizen Amos Dov Silver in one of the regions of our country. In the near future he will be extradited in accordance with the …

  • 'Internet drug lord' escapes during extradition from Ukraine

    The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) is conducting an internal investigation into how a citizen of Israel and the United States, founder of the international online marijuana  store, Amos Dov Silver could escape from the international Boryspil Airport during his extradition, reads the message of SBU on Facebook.

    The staff members of the SBU, who were responsible for the extradition, are suspended from their duty during the investigation. Those staff members, who were directly involved in …

  • Israel and United Arab Emirates form secret friendship against Iran

    Israeli and United Arab Emirates officials held secret talks to discuss "common threats" from Iran.

    There have been at least two such meetings this year, and they have been held under the auspices of Washington, reported the Israeli news outlet Walla with reference to an "unnamed informed source" in the White House.

    The main topic of both rounds of talks was to discuss the ways to counter the "increasing aggressive actions" of the Ayatollah regime in the region. The newspaper's interlocutor …

  • Kremlin: Israel and Saudi Arabia want to join ‘Russian NATO’

    The Russian Foreign Ministry says that Israel, Saudi Arabia, and several other countries would like to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SOC), which was founded by Russia and China, among others.

    “In our portfolio today we have applications from Israel, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and masses of other countries that want to join the SOC’s activity in one way or another, in one capacity or another,” said Russian special presidential representative Bakhtier Khakimov, as cited by …

  • Israel, Cyprus and Greece to collaborate on natural gas pipeline to EU

    Israel, Cyprus and Greece are determined to transport natural gas from the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. After a trilateral meeting in Athens on August 7, Greek Energy Minister Kostis Hatzidakis confirmed that the three countries will be collaborating closely.

    “We hope that we will soon be able to sign the relevant agreement,” said Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz. He emphasized the importance of the project for Europe.

    Several years ago, large natural gas reserves …

  • Radio interference linked to Russia over Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport disappears

    The GPS glitches that were occurring in the airspace over the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv have now disappeared, the Israeli Airports Authority announced in a statement. Take-offs and landings are now taking place normally and using their original routes. The warning to the crews of airliners taking off or landing at the airport has also been lifted.

    At present, there is no clear explanation of what caused the GPS glitches.

    At the end of June 2019, Israel’s Army Radio reported that the …

  • Kremlin uses Israeli software to hack Moscow protesters’ phones

    Russia’s security forces used technology developed by the Israeli company Cellebrite to hack the cellphones of participants in the demonstrations in Moscow, ITV channel 12 reported, citing anonymous sources in Russia.

    The channel cites comments made by Cellebrite representatives which emphasize that the company develops technology that enables law enforcement agencies to fight against terrorism and crime.

    The company sells its product only to licensed legal entities, rigorously complying with …

  • Russian media: Israel has found ‘antidote’ to S-300 missile systems in Syria

    The successful testing of the Arrow 3 missile has not gone unnoticed by the patriotically inclined Russian community, which cares about the success of Russian weapons in Syria, and is also (in line with Soviet tradition) alarmed by the achievements of the Jewish state in its fight against the Arab neighbors that seek to destroy it.

    Svobodnaya Pressa, a news outlet run by the famous Russian writer and patriotic activist Zakhar Prilepin, published an article titled “Arrow 3 versus S-300: Now …

  • Israel launches missile strike on Syria

    The Israeli army launched a missile attack on the southwest part of the Syrian Golan Heights, reported the Syrian news agency SANA.

    According to SANA, there was material damage as a result of the shelling. There were no reports of casualties among the Syrian military.

    On 23 July, am Isreali missile strike hit the heights of Tell al-Harra in the neighboring province of Daraa in southern Syria. According to Al Hadath TV channel, there are positions of Shiite fighters from Iranian-backed …

  • Tehran suspects Israel is being assisted by Moscow

    Tehran suspects that Moscow has given Jerusalem codes from the S-300 aerial defense systems, which enabled Israel’s multirole F-35 combat aircraft to stealthily penetrate Iran’s airspace, fly over several major cities (Tehran, Karajrak, Isfahan, Shiraz and Bandar Abbas) and carry out an aerial survey of the Islamic republic’s anti-air defense systems, the Qatari news agency Al Jarida reports.

    According to the Qatari journalists, the Israeli aircraft flew unhindered over virtually the entire …