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  • Israel believes Iran will try to retaliate against airstrikes on its positions in Syria

    Former Head of the Israel Defense Forces Military Intelligence Directorate, now head of Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) , Maj. Gen. (ret.) Amos Yadlin commented on the latest attacks on Syria, which are attributed to Israel.

    According to Yadlin, the operational assessments of the situation under which Tehran is preparing to withdraw its forces from the territory of Syria are not true.

    "Massive strikes on Syrian territory last night refute the assumptions …

  • Syria claims to have thwarted drone attack on Latakia province

    Syrian Air Defense (Air Defense) repelled a drone attack over the city of Jableh in the west of the country, reported the Syrian state-run agency SANA.

    According to SANA, the air defense systems also destroyed several missiles over the Homs province. According to the agency, the attack was carried out from the territory of neighboring Lebanon.

    In early June, Syrian air defenses repelled an Israeli missile attack on Hama province.

    Late last year, militants used drones to attack Russia's …

  • Israel gets hold of Russian Pantsir-S missile

    The Russian anti-aircraft missile systems Pantsir-S deployed in Syria and Libya may face a serious problem, because Israeli military got hold of one of Pantsir missiles, reported the Russian news outlet, noting that a few days ago a Pantsir-S missile landed in the Golan Heights. The missile was reportedly fired by the Syrian air defense trying to shoot down an "Israeli cruise missile".

    The article emphasizes that "Israel could use the Pantsir technology to develop means to counter …

  • Russia accuses Israel of selling drone technology to Turkey

    Turkey is actively using Bayraktar TB series of combat drones in Libya. The technology for the drones was acquired from Israel, writes the Russian news agency FAN, noting that Israel, being surrounded by unfriendly Arab states, reached out to Turkey, the only ally in the region.

    The article claims that the drones of the Bayraktar family are very similar to the drones manufactured in Israel. This includes both the appearance, components, and technical solutions used in the Israeli IAI Heron and …

  • Russia claims its air defense systems don’t counter Israeli attacks in Syria for political reasons

    Russian air defense systems deployed in Syria do not shoot down Israeli missiles for political reasons, said Dmitry Danilov, head of the European Security Department of the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a professor at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), during a conversation at the Patriot Media Center as part of the discussion "Defenders of Europe is a threat to peace. Why is NATO conducting new exercises in the face of the epidemic?" …

  • Israeli warplanes bomb Iranian missile factory in Syria

    The Israeli Air Force launched a missile strike on a number of targets near the Syrian city of Masyaf on the evening of June 4. The airstrikes targeted a military production facility and a research center in the Wadi Jahannam neighborhood.

    Syrian news agency SANA was quick to blame Israel for the attack. "Syrian air defenses responded to enemy missiles in a timely manner and shot down several of them. (...) As a result of the aggression, material damage was caused, but no one was injured," …

  • Russia hands over six MiG-29 fighter jets to Syria

    Moscow has handed over to Damascus six MiG-29 fighter jets in order to strengthen the air force of Bashar al-Assad's army and improve its effectiveness against the Israeli Air Force, reports the ITV’s channel 12.

    Russians will assist the Syrian army in the maintenance and upgrading of these aircraft.

    The delivery of MiG-29 fighter jets to Syria was previously reported by the Russian Telegram channel “Notes of the Huntsman”

    "Today the Tu-154 85042 route from Privolzhskiy Air Base to Syria was …

  • Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria

    On the evening of May 4, Syrian air defense forces repelled an air attack in Aleppo province, reports the Syrian news agency SANA.

    According to the agency, Israel was behind the attack targeting a research center.

    A SANA military source later said the attack also targeted military depots near the town of Al Safirah in northwestern Syria.

    "At 22:32 on May 4, the enemy aircraft appeared on radar screens. The aircraft carried out missile strikes on military warehouses in the area of Al Safirah. …

  • Satellite images show extensive damage to Syrian airbase after Israeli airstrike

    The Israeli company Imagesat International (iSi) published satellite photographs of the Syrian Shayrat airbase showing the repairs to the airbase after the Israeli airstrike on March 31.

    The images were taken by the satellite Eros B. On them, one can see that runways, taxiways and navigation systems of the airbase were completely destroyed.

    “After two weeks of repairing due to a massive airstrike (31 March 2020), Shayrat airbase, Syria, shows signs of returning to operational activity. It is …

  • Israeli helicopters strike targets in Syria

    On Friday, May 1, Israeli helicopters attacked ground targets 40 km southwest of Damascus, reported the Syrian news agency SANA.

    It is noted that the missile strikes were carried out from the Golan Heights at a number of Syrian Army positions in the Quneitra Governorate.

    According to the agency, only material damage was caused. There is no information about the dead. According to the Syrian radio station Sham FM, five rockets were fired.

    Meanwhile, according to unofficial sources, there are …