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  • Turkey: Any aircraft violating our air space will be shot down.

    "Turkey will shoot down any aircrafts violating the country's airspace."

    The statement was made on Saturday, October 17 by Ahmet Davutoğlu the Turkish Prime Minister.

    "Yesterday we shot down a drone. Had it been an aircraft we would have done the same. Our rules of engagement are well known. We will repel anyone violating our borders"

    On October 16 Turkish F-16 aircrafts shot down a drone of an unknown manufacturer.

     A military statement said the aircraft was shot down after it ignored …

  • Turkey says Russian strikes weaken fight against ISIS.

    Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu criticised Russian airstrikes in Syria, insisting they weaken the fight against ISIS. He said only two of Russia's 57 air strikes in Syria had hit Islamic State militants, while the rest had been against the "moderate" opposition forces. While targeting Syrian opposition these strikes help strengthen the Islamic State group, Mr. Davutoglu said on Wednesday and warned that Turkey would not compromise on border security after Russian warplanes violated its …