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  • Norway starts snap military drills in the north of the country

    Undeclared military exercises began in the polar county of Troms in the north of Norway. About 2,000 servicemen of the Land Forces and the National Guard of the country are taking part in them, the press service of the Norwegian Armed Forces stated, according to TASS.

    The exercises are scheduled to last until the end of the week. During this time, the rapid response skills and prompt execution of the tasks set by the command will be trained. The maneuvers are in the central part of Troms …

  • Sibul-2017 joint military exercises begin in Estonia

    In Estonia, military exercises, named Sibul 2017 ("Onion 2017") and organized by the volunteer military organization Kaitseliit (Estonian Defense League), were launched on Saturday.

    The maneuvers are being held at the Central Range of the Defense Force near the town of Tapa, in conjunction with the NATO combat group deployed in Estonia. In the classroom, combat skills will be developed with regard to conventional warfare.

    According to the exercise scenario, the combat and rear companies of …

  • Russia sends Special Forces to Minsk for joint exercises with Belarus

    On Monday, September 25, a unit of Russian Special Forces arrived in Minsk, the capital city of Belarus, as   reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

    "Today, a unit of separate, special-purpose Russian Airborne Troops arrived in Minsk to take part in a joint, bilateral, tactical, special exercise," the report says.

    According to the Defense Ministry, preparations for the training will be carried out from September 25 to October 8.

    "During the exercise, which will …

  • Large-scale multinational Dragon-2017 military exercises begin in Poland

    The large-scale Dragon-17 military exercises, in which more than 17 thousand servicemen from Poland, NATO countries, and other countries are taking part, began in Poland, Radio Poland reported.

    According to the Deputy Minister of Defense of Poland Michael Dvorchik, the purpose of the exercises is to work on joint actions of Polish and foreign troops in a threatening situation.

    “The scenario assumes that a neighboring country intends to gain access to resources in the territory of our country. …

  • A thousand tanks and howitzers from the United States arrived in Poland

    On September 13, American military equipment arrived in the port of Gdansk, Radio Poland reports.

    More than a thousand pieces of American military equipment from the Second Anti-tank Brigade Combat Team were unloaded at the port, including Abrams tanks, Bradley combat vehicles, Paladin howitzers and other combat equipment. This is the first shipment of equipment to arrive in Poland under the initiative Operation Atlantic Resolve.

    According to General Jaroslaw Mika, General Commander of Poland’ …

  • Large-scale military exercises begin in Sweden

    Aurora 2017, the largest military exercise in the last 20 years, will be conducted in Sweden from September 11 to September 29, as stated in the Swedish Armed Forces press release.

    Swedish authorities said it is the largest one in recent decades and that it is unique for the country as the exercise will be held at sea, on land and in the air.

    "Aurora 2017 is a first for the Armed Forces and the largest national exercise in more than 20 years," the press release says. The main localities for …

  • NATO exercises with participation of Ukrainian military begin in Georgia

    NATO Agile Spirit 2017 multinational military exercises began in Georgia on September 3, reported News-Georgia news agency.

    The Agile Spirit exercises have been held annually since 2011. They are one component in an effort to improve Georgia’s cooperation with the U.S. and NATO. The purpose of the exercises is to improve the interaction between the Georgian military and its counterparts from the United States and partner countries, as well as improve preparedness to respond to crises and …

  • Putin and Lukashenko to inspect Zapad-2017 joint military exercise

    The Presidents of Russia and Belarus, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko, respectively plan to visit together the strategic Zapad (West) 2017 exercise, which will include large-scale maneuvers from both armies. Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Vladimir Putin explained to Izvestia newspaper  that the two presidents intend to visit one of the training grounds in Russia.

    The joint Russian-Belarusian strategic exercise Zapad 2017 will be held from September 14 to September 20, 2017. According to …

  • Poland limits air traffic on border with Russia

    Poland will limit air traffic for civil aircraft in the northeast and east of the country, near the borders with Russia and Belarus, from September 1 to 30, as stated by the Press Secretary of the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces, Piotr Walatek.

    "The restrictions should create conditions for the safe conduct of flights in this region by state aviation," Walatek said.

    He also noted that the other reasons for limiting flights are classified. The area of ​​flight restriction is …

  • Belarus: hype around Zapad-2017 military exercises incomprehensible

    Belarusian Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Oleg Belokonev called the excitement around the Russian-Belarusian Zapad-2017 exercises, which will be held in September, incomprehensible. He assured that the Russian group participating in the exercises in the territory of the Republic of Belarus would return to Russia by September 30, BelaPAN news website reports.

    "The exercise will allow us in practice to improve infrastructure sharing arrangements in the interest of ensuring the …