Sibul-2017 joint military exercises begin in Estonia

In Estonia, military exercises, named Sibul 2017 ("Onion 2017") and organized by the volunteer military organization Kaitseliit (Estonian Defense League), were launched on Saturday.

The maneuvers are being held at the Central Range of the Defense Force near the town of Tapa, in conjunction with the NATO combat group deployed in Estonia. In the classroom, combat skills will be developed with regard to conventional warfare.

According to the exercise scenario, the combat and rear companies of the Southern District of the Defense League will conduct defensive battles against advancing infantry units, with support by the NATO combat group.

The commander of the Tartu city squad and head of the exercise, Lieutenant Colonel Kalle Köchler, noted that the exercises would conclude the results of a three-year training cycle for the South Estonia squads and train the staffs and units for the next major maneuvers of the Defense Force, Siil 2018 (Hedgehog 2018).

"Participating in Allied exercises provides an excellent opportunity for Kaitseliiters to work out cooperation with Estonia-based NATO combat units," Köchler said.
The exercises will end on October 1.

On September 11 to 29, Aurora 17, which were the largest military exercises in the last 20 years, took place in Sweden.

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