Large-scale military exercises begin in Sweden

Aurora 2017, the largest military exercise in the last 20 years, will be conducted in Sweden from September 11 to September 29, as stated in the Swedish Armed Forces press release.

Swedish authorities said it is the largest one in recent decades and that it is unique for the country as the exercise will be held at sea, on land and in the air.

"Aurora 2017 is a first for the Armed Forces and the largest national exercise in more than 20 years," the press release says. The main localities for the exercise will be Stockholm and its environs, the Swedish island of Gotland and the city of Gothenburg.

About 40 civil institutions and 19,000 Swedish soldiers are planned to participate in it. In addition to the Swedish military, a total of 1,500 soldiers from different countries, and in particular from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, as well as from the United States and France, will take part in the exercise.

During the exercise, the scenario of Sweden's actions in the conditions of a growing conflict in the region, counteraction to a qualified opponent and interaction with other countries will be worked out.

Swedish military authorities have frequently explained the need for such exercise in the Swedish media. The decision to strengthen defense was adopted by the Swedish parliament, stressing that the international situation had changed dramatically in recent years.

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