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  • Kremlin: Sea Breeze exercises in the Black Sea is 'a game with fire'

    Moscow views the American-Ukrainian Sea Breeze2018 exercise as another attempt to provoke an escalation of the situation in the Black Sea, stated Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. "We view the exercises as another attempt to provoke tensions not only in the southeast of Europe but in the Black Sea in general,” Zakharova stated at a briefing. She also noted that those countries that involve Ukraine in dangerous “games with fire” and constantly accuse Russia of threatening the …

  • Ukrainian military conducts exercises on the Azov Sea coast

    On July 3, the Ukrainian military conducted live-firing exercises using tanks and infantry armored vehicles, as reported by the press service of the Joint Forces Operation (JFO) in the Donbas.

     “Along the withdrawal routes of heavy weapons and equipment, crews of T-64B tanks and BMP-1 fighting vehicles practiced combat tactics and firing at mock enemy units,” the statement reads.

    As Deputy Commander of the Mechanized Brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Herasimenko said that armored vehicle …

  • Russia warns of deteriorating security due to NATO drills in Baltic

    Russia has a negative perception of the Ramstein Alloy military drills being carried out by the air forces of NATO and its partners over the Baltic Sea, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko told RIA Novosti.

    “Such drills diminish the regional security. This primarily concerns the Baltic region, which has been the calmest in a military sense for decades,” Grushko commented.

    The Ramstein Alloy drills, which are held three times a year, began on the morning of June 26. The Ämari Air …

  • Large-scale aviation exercises to take place in Ukraine

    This year’s international aviation exercises, Clear Sky 2018, will take place in October and will become the largest aviation exercise since Ukraine’s independence, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense stated on Thursday, June 21.

    “More than 40 aircraft, dozens of anti-aircraft missile systems, hundreds of servicemen from Ukraine and almost 10 NATO countries will be engaged in the largest-scale international exercises of aviation units,” the Ministry’s statement reads. 

    The Clear Sky 2018 …

  • Sweden’s Home Guard conducting largest exercises since 1975

    Sweden is conducting its largest nationwide military exercises since 1975, in which 40 battalions and 22,000 reservists are taking part, The Local news outlet reported.

    "The idea of these exercises is that we are now strengthening our military defense and increasing our operational capabilities," Swedish Supreme Commander Micael Bydén said.

    According to the Ministry of Defense of Sweden, all 40 battalions of the Home Guard were mobilized for training, which means that the Swedes will see how …

  • Ukrainian military to block three sections of the Sea of Azov for naval exercises

    The command of the naval forces of Ukraine announced the closure of three sections of the Azov Sea near Mariupol until September 1. According to the head of the press center of the Navy, Oleh Chalik, this is required to carry out combat training activities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces which will continue throughout the summer.

    Chalik said that the waters near the towns of Shyrokyne and Melekyne located directly near the front line, and the Bilosarayska spit and the territory to the east of …

  • Estonia announces its first joint exercises with the Swedish Air Forces

    The Swedish Air Force, together with the Estonian Air Force will hold AFX18 exercises. Swedish fighters will be deployed to the Ämari Air Base near Tallinn, the website of the Estonian Defense Forces reports.

    "These are the first joint exercises between the Estonian and Swedish Air Force after the restoration of independence," Estonian Air Force Colonel Riivo Valge said. His words are quoted on the Ministry’s website. He noted that the exercises provide an excellent opportunity to practice …

  • Ukrainian armored vehicles arrived in Germany for international military exercises

    A unit of Ukrainian military vehicles and their crews, seven BTR-80 armored personnel carriers and five T-84 main battle tanks arrived in the Federal Republic of Germany where they will take part in the Combined Resolve X international military exercises, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reported.

    "Today, April 24, Ukrainian military equipment arrived at the military training area near the city of Hohenfels (Germany) to participate in Combined Resolve X international exercises," the report of …

  • Ukrainian Parliament adopts a bill allowing participation of foreign troops in military exercises in 2018

    The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has approved the admission of foreign armed forces into Ukraine in 2018 to participate in six multinational exercises.

    235 MPs supported bill No 7428, whereas the minimum required number of support votes is 226.

    According to plans, up to 3,000 military personnel of the United States and NATO member states with weapons, military equipment, and up to six warplanes and helicopters are expected to participate in the multinational exercises to prepare the armed forces …

  • Multinational military exercises involving Ukraine begin in Poland

    On 5 November the multinational “Maple Arch 2017” military exercises began in Poland. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Ukrainian soldiers are participating in the drills.

    Overall, the maneuvers will involve more than 460 military personnel from four countries.

    “In Poland at the Dęba Land Forces Training Center, involving more than 460 military personnel from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Canada, Poland and Lithuania, the opening ceremony of the Maple Arch 2017 multinational …